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  1. Yes, I've encountered this a lot. I have quite a few people in my life who want to be closer friends than we actually are. It's a delicate balance to still stay friendly but not encourage a deeper friendship b/c it isn't something I want in my life right now. I think I'm very fortunate to have quite a few close friends AND close family members, so my relational energy is spread out. I don't desire a 'best friend' nor do I want to build new friendships at this point in my life - I'm relationally full. So it's awkward when a mom who I enjoy talking with casually at church suggests gettin
  2. 1. I really like this prompt. 2. She misses the boat on what it is asking. Her essay does not have a thesis and jumps directly to specific examples. It reads as very concrete vs being the appropriate mix of concrete and abstract 3. She first needs to tackle the IDEA of creativity - is it necessary for all people? Only some people? Is it detrimental as the quote states? That is what her thesis needs to be built around. The specific examples below would be supporting points to her main ideas, not stand-alone items 4. Common jobs that require creativity include a
  3. Chipotle!!! It's the best healthy and paleo-ish fast food option out there.
  4. I would ask for testing for parasites as those can lead to dramatic appetites.
  5. Yes, this exactly. I don't feel a need to a specifically 'christian worldview insertion' curriculum b/c I feel I have a strong foundation and beliefs of how my faith explains history, science, philosophy, politics, social issues, etc... If you're used to asking 'bigger questions' for logic stage and talking about your faith as it relates to various subjects then that should be all that is necessary IMO.
  6. Thoughts on Zion - I like it :). It makes me think of the rap song by Lauren Hill whose son was named Zion - he's a grandchild of Bob Marley IIRC.
  7. If you deal with autoimmune issues then I would advise cutting dairy and gulten for sure. Don't go gluten-free-packaged as replacement though, do more vegetables and fats like avocado and olives and coconut instead.
  8. 1. Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. So you've got to look at your diet. 2. When you went vegetarian, what did you cut out and what did you replace it with? 3. No advice to eat meat is fine, but I would recommend cutting your grain intake - especially wheat. Replace grain with more vegetables and healthy fats and proteins like beans/eggs. 4. Be careful about dairy - if you are consuming a lot of it then you will not lose weight. It is common for people to replace meat with dairy when they go vegetarian but that will sabatoge weight loss and blood sugar stuff. 5.
  9. I would start with just one meal a day and focus there, not even trying to change anything else. So that could be snacks, dinner, lunch, or breakfast. Or even one specific meal per week - Sunday lunch or dinner, for example. You also need to practice meal planning and using a cookbook or recipes. FWIW, I don't think homemade biscuits are a health food but that's just me ;).
  10. I'm wondering if anyone knows of alternatives to the Omnibus curriculum by Wilson, et al that would work well when used at a classical coop. Trying to do my research before I ruffle feathers ;). Thanks.
  11. Sophie the Giraffe for sure - great teething toy. Soft shape sorter by Lamaze. Winter clothing in 9 month size.
  12. Right. DH and I knew each other from church and became a couple at the end of high school. We didnt marry until I finished college and we lived the student life together. It worked very well. Currently DH is the breadwinner of the family though I was our main breadwinner early in our marriage. I do not agree with making people wait until late 20s to get serious and marry. Instead, I believe its better to raise young people who are mature enough to choose spouses and get married in their early twenties. I loved having my children young and not having to wait as long to have sex - bc
  13. Can you still do coconut? That helps a lot with being paleo. I'd also recommend the cookbook Practical Paleo as its very easy to do nut-free - every recipe has no nut substitutions and suggestions. Can you do sesame/tahini?
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