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  1. My two college girls are doing well. Oldest is doing an engineering internship in SD this summer. I was able to spend about a week with her when UA let out, but she'll fly straight back from internship to school without a return visit. I'm planning a trip to go see her a few weeks after classes begin. My second girl chose to stay on campus for the first half of the summer and take two classes. She is working on her apps for the upper division Nursing program right now. Now that her summer classes are done she is back to lifeguarding and being the nanny for a local family. That's been her go to jobs for the last couple of summers.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion and help. I did have a blood clot ruled out. Going to my Family Pracitioner next week for a work-up on this and some other issues.
  3. I feel like I'm turning 40 this year and falling apart, lol. Lately I notice that by the end of the day my left leg is pretty achy, heavy, and swollen from the knee down. I am reasonably healthy and active. I carry a few extra pounds, bmi 25ish. It concerns me that it is only in the one leg. Just met insurance deductible for the year, so I'd like to do anything and everything I can health wise. Thanks for any thoughts.
  4. I have a 9yo dd. We live in South Carolina. She'd enjoy a penpal. Feel free to PM
  5. I lost my stepdad to cancer three weeks ago. It was a devastating process, especially the last two weeks. He wanted to pass at home so we had hospice. They came in for an hour or so each day, but the remainder of the care was up to us siblings (my mom was not physically able). I only skimmed the above, but dramatic aging and weight loss, fluctuating emotional states, and then dealing with the physical realities of limited mobility and eventually being bed bound were all hard. Please feel free to pm with any questions or if you need to chat. Sending positive thoughts your way.
  6. Seeking both suggested read alouds and independent readers which would mesh reasonably well with MOH Vol 4. My DD is a rising 4th grader, but a solid reader. I'm seeking titles which would be generally appropriate for grades 4-6. Open to both individual title suggestions or a packaged curriculum suggestion. Thanks in advance for any help! I'd love to include a biography or two and have a mix between high interest stories that are fun/light and classic, can't miss favorites.
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