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  1. My daughter really liked the 'biojournal' section of the biology course, which was a warm-up assignment for each text based lesson (not sure if it is on the online lessons). She didn't like the labs very much, but in all honesty I think it is hard to enjoy them when you aren't in a school setting or don't have a parent who can help create a setting in which the lab is fun.. lol
  2. I am assuming you mean the LS courses, and in that case, you can see what textbooks and books they use for each course. You just have to go to their website course descriptions. DD is currently taking a science course that is online, and it is the keystone layout... I also know that their AP bio is k12, so they use a lot of other online school courses, apparently!
  3. With the exception of math, my daughter is a full time student at LS. Honestly, if you are good with homeschooling I would not recommend it. We chose it because we were new to homeschooling and liked the idea of an accredited diploma being that we were starting in High School. I do think it is necessary for us - I doubt I would be good at assigning things and making her do them if she didn't like them, so having outside teachers and things she must complete for her to finish the course is really good for us. If you are looking for a rigorous HS curriculum that you don't have to design and you want HS counselors and teachers that aren't you, then it is a good option. But if you are fine with being a full-fledged homeschooler and you can do that, then it probably isn't worth the money. For the record, my kid is currently feeling 'screwed over' by LS, because they are going back on their word of allowing her to take outside courses and having them put on her transcript. Because it is a school, there are graduation requirements and she currently is behind on the requirements because they won't transfer her courses on to her transcript.. :cursing: Sigh..
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