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  1. Look them up on Amazon. The reviews really helped me decide what to get for my 10ds. I ended up buying the Stampede and another one I can't remember the name. It was a clear gun from Target. My mom bought a Nerf bow and arrow set for our 10ds. He's going to love it!
  2. I'm finding that a lot of books on Amazon are cheaper on Walmart's website. I've ordered quite a few for Christmas and am having them shipped to the store. As for toys, they seem to be cheaper on Amazon.
  3. Cool! Stuff like that is so neat! A couple of years ago, we killed a huge cave cricket in our basement. When I went to pick it up, I saw that it had a worm coming out of it. The kids and I Googled it and found out that it was a Gordian worm. It didn't live long after the cricket died. We still have it in a specimen bottle. :)
  4. I saw a listing for a truck a couple of days ago. Nice truck, just needed new roaders. :001_rolleyes:
  5. Oh, ok. Sorry, I read it wrong. Glad you were able to fix it! Take that Best Buy! :)
  6. It probably fixed it. Just make sure check for Spybot updates, immunize, and search for spyware often. You said you downloaded Spybot from another website. It's always a good idea to download programs from their own site. You wouldn't want to download a virus thinking it was safe because it had the same name.
  7. I understand your frustration! I just finished fixing my dd's computer. She also had the antivir thing. Be very careful not to install it or let it scan your computer! How I fixed it.. I went into safe mode, by restarting the computer. When it is starting back up, push the F8 key. Select Safe mode with networking. Once there, I ran her AVG antivirus program and Spybot. AVG didn't find anything, but Spybot did. I removed the spyware and restarted the computer. So far, so good. I hope this helps!
  8. Dh used to say that it smelled like Krystal burgers. :ack2:
  9. Not wood, but there are some cute Toy Story 3 Lego Duplo sets out now. I really like the train one.
  10. Here is a wonderful guinea pig website. http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/index.php The boy babies will need to be separated from their mother when they are 3-4 weeks or they can breed with her. We started out with 5 guinea pigs and ended up with 3 cages. We had the dad in one, the mom in one, and their 3 boys in the bottom cage.
  11. How common are pinatas at Hispanic parties? Maybe it just wasn't that exciting to them? Maybe it was just another pinata. I know that my son would go crazy over a pinata simply because he's never had one.
  12. Nope, hate them. Our house has been hit by lightning a couple of times. We've lost a truck because of a tree getting hit and falling on it. I've also seen too many houses catch on fire because of lightning. I also hate it when it's really windy. 14 people in our county were killed in tornadoes a couple of years ago. I'd be happy to never have another storm.
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