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  1. I am an Orlando native :001_smile:. If I were you I would look in the Buena Vista or Celebration area for possible places to live. Definitely avoid Kissimee and Poinciana at all costs as they can be rough, high crime areas. If your hubby doesn't mind the commute (PP poster is correct in her description of the traffic here, ugh) the Waterford Lakes and Avalon Park area are awesome too. Once you have lived here for a while you will be reaffirmed in your decision to homeschool because the school system here is terrible! Trust me, I am a product. :glare: But we do have awesome Universities! All in all there are a lot of things to do here. Florida is definitely known for Disney and beaches but its rivers, lakes, and other natural features are stunning and a priceless resource for science lessons. I think you will like it here and good luck to you and yours. :)
  2. I am exactly the same way as you. I have gotten woozy having my blood pressure taken. And when it comes to needles....forget it!! That being said, I seem to only have a problem with needles in a medical setting. I have 3 tattoos and a few piercings and have never experienced any problems getting them done. The actually feeling of getting tattoo is so different than actually being stabbed with a needle (okay, making myself a little ill). I guess you won't really know until you try. Is the piece you want small or large? Small tattoos don't take much time at all, even being very well done. Good luck!!
  3. Both of my kids do almost the same thing. Neither one has actually fainted yet. Apparently it's very common in medical situations. My DH and I are the same way. Next time just take extra care that she is well hydrated before hand and lying down during any procedure involving needles. Hugs to you and your DD! :grouphug:
  4. :iagree: Sounds like lawsuit time to me!
  5. Definitely skip the Keys and go to St. Augustine if you are on a family vacation. There is so much more to do in SA that is family friendly. :)
  6. My husband sounds a lot like yours. He wants our daughter to go to ps kindergarten next year. Of course, unlike your husband, he made me send her to public school pre-k too. He thinks our kids will be completely social inept if they are homeschooled. Not to mention the fact that he openly ridicules me for believing that I can educate our children when I "couldn't even finish college". I don't really have any advice except to hang in there and keep standing up for what you believe in (gently). Hugs and luck to you! Kristen
  7. We have 3 laying hens outside in a chicken tractor and 5 chicks in our bathroom. We give both groups water with a rabbit/guinea pig water bottle so they can't knock it over. It works great. Chickens have no table manners!
  8. Wow, this put a lump in my throat. What a beautiful thing to do.
  9. I am the only one who check other:lol: The only reason I did was because my labor with my first lasted for 51 hours. I had a wonderful Dr. who let me progress at my own pace. Any other doc would have had me in for a C-section long before that. My daughter was perfect in every way and my actual deliver was easy. (Laboring for 51 hours though is not fun. At all.) My second child was an induction. Biggest mistake ever! I was in labor for 10 hours with him and my MIDWIFE, of all people, was trying to take me for c-section four hours in. I ended up dilating from a 4 to a 10 in 15 minutes and had a very traumatic delivery for both me and the baby. His APGARs were horrible and he had to be worked on for 15 minutes before they could even transport him to the NICU upstairs. Fortunately, he is fine and now almost 3 years old.
  10. I talked to my brother about his experience. First off, I was way off about his age. He was actually 14 years old when he saw the urologist. The doctor told my parents to just give them more time to come down on there own before going the surgical route. By the time my brother was 16, his testicles descended on their own. On a side note, the urologist he saw told my brother that he became a urologist because his own testicles didn't descend until he was 20. Apparently it just takes time with some guys. Hopefully this will be case with your son. Good luck!:001_smile: Kristen
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