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  1. Honestly, I just didn't feel there were enough problems. He was having a horrible time with fractions in 6th grade. We took a break from OM and did Life of Fred Fractions. When we completed that, we went back to OM and he did great the remainder of the year. 7th grade comes with a whole new set of issues, so we were supplementing with math-drills.com constantly. That is why we made the switch.
  2. That comment was addressing both T4L and T4Writing. T4L is a curriculum. You don't have a teacher, receive feedback, etc. It is up to the parent to critique any writing assignments done through Odyssey Writer. With T4Writing you are assigned a teacher and given feedback for writing assignments. We only used it for two classes in middle school. The first class was the paragraph writing class. My son hates writing and he did fairly well. I thought a little too well. We then tried the essay class. Had a different teacher that took a lot longer to look at the assignments and a lot longer to respond to them. My son had a horrible time with the assignments. He was asked to rewrite everything numerous times. That was not the problem, it just seemed like he was really nit-picking and the assignments were just plain weird. He was getting nothing out of the course but anxiety so we ended up dropping it about 5 weeks into it. The two courses, and the two teachers were like night and day. I would not use them again. We went with Bravewriter Intermediate (online, not the curriculum) last summer and his writing has taken off since then. More expensive, but so much better :)
  3. We used OM math 6 & 7 for my oldest son. He struggles greatly in math so we had to supplement both years. Decided to not to use OM 8 because of that. Youngest did OM 4 & 5. It was perfect for him. He is an average math student and often has math anxiety when learning something new. It was a great fit for him. We stopped using it because he wanted to do Teaching Textbooks like his older brother. Both went on to TT with no problem and then on to other programs. Definitely no regrets using OM for math.
  4. To start, they send you two courses. I had to make an extra payment or two and was able to get two more courses. Now, both of my kids have 4 or 5 courses at a time and we have had no problems requesting more (though as you can see, it can depend on how far along your payments are).
  5. There is supposed to be a download from TT for users with El Capitan. But, I would imagine if you already talked with TT that you already did this??
  6. Both of my boys take the paper based/online tests courses at AS. The older has been taking courses for two years now, so if he wanted to take an online course it would cost extra. He also doesn't like online courses, so we haven't bothered. The younger just started in August so his tuition includes two online courses. He hasn't completed 4 courses yet, so he cannot take any electives yet. I figure we will try one of the online classes for an elective sometime next year. Both of my guys really like having a textbook, so that will matter in the decision to take any of their online classes. Unfortunately, some of the classes they are interested in are only online (culinary and music appreciation, for example). A few weeks ago, AS had a posting on their blog stating they were thinking of starting middle school classes next year. That might be a great way to try out a course before high school. Sheri
  7. Try looking at the website's samples or CBD.com. That should help you with content. I believed we used it almost daily.
  8. Good luck! I hope it works out (and AS corrects those tests on time!) Sheri
  9. This town is about 20 minutes from me. I read the story in 2 local papers. http://www.nj.com/warrenreporter/index.ssf/2015/04/homeschooling_was_focus_of_dyf.html
  10. I would like to know too. I had already signed my writing-phobic son up before the new syllabuses were posted. I don't know if this new format will work for us either. :confused1:
  11. My husband names everything. I name only LIVING things. I don't get it. At all.
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