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  1. After one of my babies I was gifted a bouquet made of fruit. It was the best postpartum gift I ever received. The website is www.fruitfuloccasions.co.uk They do next day delivery across the UK
  2. Wolf was one of the names we have also considered. Not many people have them here. Do you do kitchens????
  3. I'm not reading much again. I finished Rethinking School (and promptly recommended it to my sister who has a little boy who is not enjoying his time in school). I have started reading Free-Range Kids, which is mindless, and preaching to the converted, but hey ho. My time recently has been taken up by my kids and my house. Two of my boys have become obsessed with horses so we recently started a loan of a pony for one of them, and bought a little horse for the other one. It has been really exciting, but I've been out of the house even more than normal. My daughter is in training for a national climbing competition during the last week of April. She is hoping to be selected for the national team this year, so wants to do well. We bought an old house at the end of last year. We have been living in it, but not very much works well - the bathrooms are all pink and the carpets all floral and the kitchen all brown :) It needs completely remodelling - which is hugely exciting, but very time consuming. After much deliberation, we have finally decided on the cooker we want. One decision down! (We are going to have an AGA if anybody is interested, because we have a big, old, rural farmhouse) (And that concludes the longest post about myself that I think I have ever written on the internet!!)
  4. I made it back too! Hi everybody :) xxxx
  5. You definitely want to drive. We once did a trip in South Island driving between motels (not as dodgy as US ones :leaving: ) and it worked out great! June is winter in NZ, and whilst day times can still be warm and sunny, you could end up with quite cold temperatures at night, and/or lots of rain (otherwise I would say get a camper van and not bother with the motels.) With only 7 days I wouldn't bother getting down to South Island unless you fly. I don't think 7 days is enough for more than 1 island. There is plenty to do and see in North Island - and it is still beautiful albeit not quite as empty as South Island. The photo in my avatar was taken in the Coromandel peninsula - at the top of North Island :) I agree with DebinNZ that jet lag is worse travelling east.
  6. My son is asking to learn more about the world wars, particularly the second world war. We have been through SOTW 4, and covered those books in the main, but he wants more depth. Any suggestions of a guide to use? I know that I could make it up, but I don't tend to do well following my own initiative!!
  7. I like the gracious Quran translated by Hammad (your first link). It reads easily, and is a solid translation. Another option I like is this one: https://www.amazon.com/Noble-Quran-Rendering-Meaning-English/dp/1842001280/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1514838998&sr=8-1&keywords=Bewley+Quran I don’t like the Oxford version you linked to - I find the English too old fashioned. The study Quran you linked is an enormous book - you definitely will need to ‘study’ it, not just read it iykwim. I dip in and out, but I can’t take too much in one go. Also, my own teacher (mainstream western Islamic scholar) has said that there are parts that are factually incorrect - tread carefully with it. There is much good in it, but be aware that not all Muslim scholars will agree with it (as if such a thing existed anyway!)
  8. I just started my dd with pullover sports crop tops. They have been a good introduction I think. It’s scary isn’t it??!!
  9. Thank you both - any recommendations as to which particular model??
  10. I want to count steps. But I also want some sort of recognition for the other active things that we do - cycling, horse riding, aerobics etc. Any suggestions??
  11. Near of off on over Past since through throughout To towards under underneath Until up upon With within without From my kids!
  12. Mangoes which are grown in hot countries are delicious. Mangoes, which are grown in hot countries, are delicious. These two sentences were given to real students last year in a UK test given to all school pupils age 10 and 11 (year 6, approximately US grade 5 I think). The children were asked to explain how the meaning of the two sentences differ. Would your children be able to do this at that age? I have to say that, whilst I understand the distinction, I think under exam conditions at age 11 answering that question is really difficult. What say you, hive?
  13. Lots of questions! For the dyslexia we have been working on spelling using AAS, and a bit of Phonetic Zoo because he likes it and I had it). He is learning to type with TTRS (and is on level 2). He has just finished a UK handwriting/spelling course written for dyslexic children. I don't know if he has dysgraphia for certain (he wasn't tested for it), but I suspect not. He writes extremely slowly (slow processing - this was tested), but neatly and legibly. He has struggled to use speech to text software - thats what I meant about dictation, sorry for not being clear - but we have only used the app on a Mac/iPad, not a dedicated software programme. I suppose this was on my list of 'things to investigate down the line'. I suppose, if we had reliable speech to text software, then he COULD handle the output that the Pandia Press books require. But I would have to lower some of the reading books, because they will definitely go over his head. Is that clearer? (I am perpetually in a state of panic that I am doing something wrong with him!)
  14. That was fast :) I have been looking through all the Ronit Bird threads, wondering if they would help. Do you not bother with a formal curriculum at all? That scares me!
  15. Bit funny timing, but we are just about to start our new history year. I will have my oldest 2 (ages 13 and 11) working through History Odyssey Early Modern. My youngest 2 (ages 7 and 5) will do SOTW3 - so same time period, lower expectations. I was all set to have my 9 year old join the younger two, but I know if I do this his output will be minimal. He has a super head for stories and facts. Loves the narrative of history, will happily read grade level (or perhaps slightly lower) history books. But struggles to write, type or even dictate (he misses homophones all the time for example). I'm not sure another year of just listening to SOTW and colouring is 'enough' for him. But I'm not sure how to beef it up without too much effort from me, for not too much gain for him. What do you think? Is there something I could add? Something different I could do? Would you just leave it alone and continue to work on his writing and typing skills? Looking forward to your thoughts! Thank you!
  16. My ds7 is seriously struggling with his maths facts. We have done Math Mammoth 1. Parts of a couple of UK curricula (including MEP). Kate Snow's Addition Facts that Stick AND Subtraction Facts that Stick. He cannot remember what 10-3 is. Or any of the others. Not only that, but the whole thing stresses him out - fair amounts of attitude, and occasional tears. He does appear to have number sense, because he will sometimes say things like 'ok, well I know 5+5=10, so 5+6 is going to be one more" etc. He can work out the facts using thug the techniques we have practised but it takes him a LOOONNNGGG time, and he gets in a muddle with it. Background info - he reads above grade level, but regularly skips lines and occasionally misses small words or changes suffixes. He has not done much spelling yet, so I don't know how that is really. This is my child who when he was 3 I would have classed him as my 'brightest' (in a family of strong academics). His older brother has dyslexia, along with a slow processing speed - but nothing like these issues with numbers. Would really appreciate your thoughts - what maths to try next? worth it to spend $$$ getting him tested? any other encouragement! Thank you!
  17. Isn't it a bit like the three billy goats gruff who 'trip-trapped' over the bridge? The German verb even sounds like it. I'm voting for trip-trap or pitter-patter or something like that!
  18. Have you thought about having a ground source heat pump put in to heat your home and water? This is something we are currently considering in our old, new-to-us, country home.
  19. I know we have a ton of these kinds of threads, and I have had a good search of the forums, but would still appreciate a few more suggestions. My boy is 9. He has dyslexia, but he does read for pleasure if we get the right book. He tends to the easier, 'twaddle', books for fun reading (understandably I think), but I am trying to expand his horizons a little. He enjoys history most (biographies, myths and legends etc), and will only continue to read a book if it is 'exciting'. Recent favourites include the Landmark biographies, the Time Hunters series (by Chris Blake - I think there is a harder series that he couldn't get into), and nonsense along the lines of Captain Underpants. I have offered all my usual listings for this age/stage (things like Paddington, Wombles, Magic Treehouse, Little House). Some he has loved (Little House), some he has abandoned (Paddington), some he has refused to start (Magic Treehouse). Now I am running low on ideas. Would love to know if anybody has any great ideas!
  20. Following on from last week's Jane quiz…another one. This time courtesy of the BBC. I did rubbish again - I only got 4/10. Have fun! http://play.bbc.co.uk/play/pen/gjj8ygsbg4
  21. I would love to do this. But I think I would do it alphabetically somehow - not sure though if that would be by author's name or first word of the title.
  22. Brilliant, thank you both. I hadn't heard of either of these and they look perfect!
  23. My daughter, age 11, loves all things arts and crafts. She has just recently finished all the Home Art Studio DVDs and I am looking for something to take their place for her. She does not like the look of either Atelier or Meet the Masters - but I suppose those are the kinds of things we are looking for. She needs something that she can follow along by herself (I have no art skills at all). Books would work fine, if video lessons are thin on the ground. Hoping you will all have some great ideas for us! :)
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