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  1. Nan, I am glad to hear an update on your son. Good job to both of you! 😊 I returned to teaching in the local high school in 2014. I printed Nan’s advice and put it in a file. Every year when I clean out my desk, I come across that paper, read it and re-read it. It is crinkly and worn now, but I treasure it. As a 9th grade teacher with a high-stakes testing subject (English), it was just the advice I needed to console both my students and their parents. I also shared it with my coworkers. Now I teach upperclassmen (History & Government), and I am happy to see that Nan is still right - not just about her own kids and homeschool kids, but this advice is good for public school kids as well. My own son decided to try high school, stayed, graduated and did very well and is thriving in college. This is the son who didn’t read until he was 10, who I am certain would have been streamed into special programs and labeled when really he just was just a slow bloomer. Homeschooling didn’t just save him from the frustrations he would’ve experienced; it allowed him to blossom in his particular strengths - which he is now pursuing in college. My husband and I are forever grateful for the blessings of homeschooling.
  2. Just found this thread and spent the last hour trying to read it all but skimming a lot due to time. Great thread! I pulled up a few links - but not all yet - and so far I love the examples I see of Kilgallon. I've never even heard of that book but I really like it! Thanks for a great thread!
  3. I just wonder if someone made my thread part of their social group and that's how come I can't access it? Still, can I even find out who has it? This is the message I keep getting: When I click on "Return to this group's home" I get Would love to have some help on this. Thanks.
  4. Help, my own thread has me locked out. I've never been in or created a Social Group, but the thread I started is telling me I don't have permission to access it. It has so much excellent information in there. Can you please let me know how to access it? Thanks!
  5. This is awesome! Thank you! I'm clicking away already. :)
  6. Hey Ruth. Hey Crimson. It's good to see you again. I never thought a year ago, I'd have one in school and then return to teaching but I'm actually looking forward to it. I just don't want to neglect my 13yo's needs by taking on other kids. So I look forward to following you along. Btw, Ruth, your non-fiction reading skills have saved my science program this last year. That would definitely have been a dropped ball while I helped my 10yo transition to public school. I plan to use it again this next year while I teach. I'll check out the other forums to see where you are in the science area.
  7. Is this the forum for parents who do what I call "dual school?" That is, we have kids who are both at home being schooled and in a b & m school? Also, is this a place to hang out with moms who teach at school and then come home and teach at home as well? The first transition to putting one kid in school while keeping one at home was hard on me - emotionally mostly. I felt as if I'd lost my mooring. Now it's great and they are both thriving. However, I'm now considering an additional transition to teaching as well. I feel as if I'll be a little bit over my head: teaching at a public high school, helping the one at school, homeschooling the one at home and I also do after school with the one in school. My head's a little wobbly just trying to hold it all together and hoping I don't drop any balls!
  8. Well, I guess the title pretty much says it all. Is there a forum here for moms who do what I call "dual school?" That is, we have kids who are both at home being schooled and in a b & m school? Also, is there a place here to hang out with moms who teach at school and then come home and teach at home as well? Thanks!
  9. Question #2. How do you do both homeschool and public school? Q3) How do you teach at home and teach at school? Phew! Q4) Oh and how do you adapt your high school recommendations for a public school while giving your own child the same instructions?
  10. If I may reply to LAmom We used Saxon for a couple years and my son, then aged 11 & 12, complained a lot, really drug his feet, and basically drove me nuts. So I downloaded sample lessons from all the other top math programs and bought some if I found them at a cheap, used price. Guess what? He begged me to go back to Saxon! :lol He learned that he really, really likes the very specific, very explicit, very thorough instructions. He is a perfectionist and works slowly and really likes the straightforward approach. Now he really doesn't care for the 30 lesson problems on top of mental math and lesson practice, but he feels like the explanations are the best. He can read them and understand them on his own without asking for help. Hope that helps!
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