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  1. Nan, I am glad to hear an update on your son. Good job to both of you! 😊 I returned to teaching in the local high school in 2014. I printed Nan’s advice and put it in a file. Every year when I clean out my desk, I come across that paper, read it and re-read it. It is crinkly and worn now, but I treasure it. As a 9th grade teacher with a high-stakes testing subject (English), it was just the advice I needed to console both my students and their parents. I also shared it with my coworkers. Now I teach upperclassmen (History & Government), and I am happy to see that Nan is still right -
  2. Just found this thread and spent the last hour trying to read it all but skimming a lot due to time. Great thread! I pulled up a few links - but not all yet - and so far I love the examples I see of Kilgallon. I've never even heard of that book but I really like it! Thanks for a great thread!
  3. This is awesome! Thank you! I'm clicking away already. :)
  4. Snake hunt - in my house

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    2. SGPS


      I really hope good things for you. Personally, I've never had much luck with reptiles leaving my house that conveniently. My hope for you is that you don't have my luck. lol

    3. loftmama


      You guys are too kind. Didn't sleep a wink. Really miss sleep. :)

    4. SGPS


      Comfort yourself with the thought that it's not deadly. lol


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    For Sale, Priced between $1 and $10 + Media Mail Shipping from Texas 1) Saxon Math 2 Teacher’s Edition, by Nancy Larson, Spiral-bound, ISBN - 1-56577-015-3, Good Used Condition, $10 + shipping 2) Shurley English 6 Teacher’s Manual, by Brenda Shurley, 2001, ISBN 1-58561-028-3, Acceptable, $10 +sh Sold 3) First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained MInd, Levels 1&2, by Jessie Wise 2003, ISBN 0-9714129-2-8, Acceptable, $5 +sh Sold 4) The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, 1999, ISBN 0-7534-5194-8 (red cover with King Tut in foreground, small tear on upper spine) Acceptable, $10 + ship 5) Drawing with Children, by Mona Brookes,1996, ISBN 0-87477-827-1, GUC, $5 + ship Sold 6) Spelling Workout C, Teacher’s Edition, by Philip Trocki, 1994, ISBN 0-8136-2842-3, $1 + sh I accept PayPal and will ship as soon as funds clear. Will combine shipping.


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