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  1. The whole reactions thing is super interesting to me -- for example, as I said above I get cold sores what feels like way too often, sometimes feels like first sign of a cold (there are things I do to make it less often like take lysine semi-regularly -- but then after a while of not getting one, I forget and then next cold symptoms - blammo! ) which would imply immune systems is working strong -- BUT I don't usually react to vaccines at all other than a sore arm. The flu vaccine for example, has never caused reaction. I did have a tired feeling from 1st Pfizer -- not sick feeling at all, ju
  2. FWIW (2nd data point of one) I get cold sores relatively often when I get colds (even if very mild) and I did NOT get one with my first vaccine. I did get very tired the next day but no other reactions (haven't had 2nd shot yet).
  3. I'm old enough that I got at least 3 vaccinations at school -- and I highly doubt there's any record of that anywhere.
  4. There isn't a single state in the US that is over 43% with one shot, and the average is more like 30%. Not to mention that 'single shot' number is awfully misleading since you'd really need to use numbers from 2 weeks ago and not today -- when the average for the US was more like 20%. Which is not even counting that most herd immunity estimates I've seen have been 70-80% (some even higher) so we have a long way to go. IMO at this point ANY drop is great -- we're certainly not far enough along to be claiming that 'experts' are misleading us on this.
  5. My daughter was also tall for her age and didn't learn to ride until summer after 3rd grade -- she used training wheels that whole time. It sounds more to me like you have a bad set of training wheels than you need a new bike (and you should be able to buy training wheels that will work for her for much less than buying a new bike). FWIW, we tried balance bike, taking off the pedals, holding on, slight hill etc. with no success for 2 summers -- then the 3rd summer she just took off riding the first try (after winter off the bike).
  6. While these are new vaccine types. saying that because of that they will CAUSE virus mutations and make people more sick is just someone throwing out a scary theory based on no research or facts. Which is not to say there could not turn out to be unexpected consequences to these quickly turned out new style vaccines -- but if you're going to worry about something, worry about something more like thalidomide babies IMO. I do wonder how much our life will change 'back' after vaccines since some close family members have become quite a bit more germ phobic than I would have thought (fa
  7. I like the idea of (hopefully many of us) wearing a mask when we know we've got a cold (or signs of one) -- and it's become normal enough that maybe that will become the norm here whereas pre-covid, that would have been very strange here in the US (unlike Asia).
  8. So it's interesting that some have brought up seat belts as a comparable that we mostly all do with out complaining because it saves lives -- I remember (age alert!) when the seat belt laws started going in, and there was a LOT of complaining and ignoring going on for a LONG time. It is only as later generations have grown up always wearing seatbelts that it has become the norm. I think the mask thing hits the same buttons in people but worse in that it is 'only' a mandate and not a law, not to mention that people don't expect it to be long term.
  9. I don't think either one is all that clear on the different possibilities even they do state that there are other options. Here for example is my 1st cousin on 23andme -- notice the large 'tree' shown does NOT give the possiblity to click and see any of the other possibility: " likely share a set of grandparents. You could also be from different generations (removed cousins) or share only one ancestor (half cousins)." And while Ancestry doesn't make it quite that 'conclusive looking', you do have to click on "more" to see the possible half-aunt/half-neice option -- whic
  10. 23and me shows my maternal 1st cousins and uncle as 1st cousins and uncle. No other person that closely related to me is on 23andme. It doesn't appear to offer other options. It also offers others (who I don't know) as 1st cousin, once removed, 1st cousin twice removed, 2nd cousin without any details on how it decided between those (with close amounts of shared dna % wise) Ancestry shows my maternal and paternal half brothers and sisters and uncle as close-1st cousins. And 1st cousins as 1st-2nd cousins. Clicking in, it gives more options... half-brothers, half-sisters and uncle
  11. I have this out of the library but haven't been able to bring myself to read it -- I really enjoyed Bitterblue when it came out but haven't read it in so long I felt I neede to re-read before trying to to read Winterkeep, just haven't been able to get myself started. Have read the first 3 Victoria Thompson mysteries that I saw on these threads - they were good but not great (which won't keep my from continuing on! -- only being on hold for the next one is stopping me at this point). Although FWIW today at family movie night, my DH said I say that about all the movies we watch "it was
  12. Interestingly, your point reminded me that it has not bothered me when the person asked in a manner that was asking for help, like "I'm sorry but I'm in a big rush and I only have 2 items, can I jump in front of you?" Unfortunately that has been the rare case. Most times it has been "I only have 2 items, can I jump in front of you?" said in a manner that said "It's my right to jump in front of you because I only have 2 items" The one time I described above where I myself only had 2 items in my cart, the person even started to step in front of me as she asked ( before I said "No"
  13. What about people with only 2 or 3 items that ASK to go in front of you? That is so rude IMO Although I usually let them go anyway LOL -- except one time it happened to me, I had a cart just to strap the then toddler in, but also only had 2 items so that time I was able to say "No" without feeling rude about it (gave her a 'look' even because obviously she hadn't even bothered to look at my cart to see how much I had)
  14. I pop in and out all year without worrying about it -- I must admit I treat it like a backyard bbq where I'm super distracted by something else (kids probably ๐Ÿ˜†) but still jump in to my friends convo as I can. Hopefully this year I'll be able to read BaW more often because it is so worth it for all the great recs I've gotten over the years plus BaW'ers have gotten me to try a bunch of books I would have never even looked at ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™
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