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  1. "The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle" Have this one in my TBR pile -- maybe it will have to jump up to the top 😄
  2. Controls are not intuitive -- I still haven't figured out how to look at the chat at the same time as sharing for example. Sharing also sometimes slows the computer down and has caused lost connectivity (vpn connectivity not internet connectivity). Note: I have watched far more Zoom meetings than hosted so can't really compare one to one.
  3. My Murderbot is also pretty much genderless -- I picture a person where you can't figure out which gender via the normal social cues. Plus I think of it as wearing 'work' clothes -- not necessarily coveralls but close to that -- the type of thing that doesn't show off the body at all. Kinda like when you look at a picture of women in army combat uniforms, you can't really tell them from men, because the outfit itself is so generic.
  4. Rewards, hands down https://www.voyagersopris.com/literacy/rewards/intermediate-secondary It is not phonics though. It focuses on prefixes, suffixes and syllables. Fast Track/Dancing Bears was helpful too (that dmmetler recommended above). We did that before Rewards so it might depend on what level your son is reading at now which would be better. For my dyslexic, the phonics never stuck no matter the program (even Barton which she HATED!!!! and did nothing to improve her reading -- although according to Barton's philosophy we just didnt spend long enough at it) -- looking back (as she heads off to college) the things that helped her most were things that gave her different ways to attack the word.
  5. I don’t think of this as irony - more as proof that we can all be fooled. I think often we dismiss smart thinking from historical personages when they blew it on other things — but really it should remind us that we are all fools on something, and probably something that we are ( currently) not even aware we are being foolish about.
  6. The ufo thing cracks me up - I mean the article I read specifically says “unidentifiable flying objects “ AND conflates them with aliens. Unidentifiable is pretty clear IMO
  7. Lots of unhappy news in my family lately, capped with an diagnosis of pancreatic cancer for one of my siblings 😥 Interestingly, in response I have been overdosing on romances 🤯 Haven't made it more than a page in anything more serious -- except for Fugitive Telemetry, since I 💓 murderbot! Mostly Psy-changling (where last time I was reading these I got stuck on Heart of Obsidian and had to drop maybe 1/4 way in due to the triggering -- this time, I was prepared and was able to make it through and even enjoy it). It was actually an online review for the upcoming book being fantastic that even got me back reading them.
  8. Me too, swelling all the way up into my armpit -- could feel it every time I moved my arm. Only on 2nd shot.
  9. The whole reactions thing is super interesting to me -- for example, as I said above I get cold sores what feels like way too often, sometimes feels like first sign of a cold (there are things I do to make it less often like take lysine semi-regularly -- but then after a while of not getting one, I forget and then next cold symptoms - blammo! ) which would imply immune systems is working strong -- BUT I don't usually react to vaccines at all other than a sore arm. The flu vaccine for example, has never caused reaction. I did have a tired feeling from 1st Pfizer -- not sick feeling at all, just like I could go in and go to sleep in about 2 seconds (which I just powered through, sad to say). Anyway -- it just makes me feel like all the fuss about reactions to shot showing you already have immunity (or others) is just another internet story basically. Although I suppose that also just shows how easy it is to let your own reaction define your response to others.
  10. FWIW (2nd data point of one) I get cold sores relatively often when I get colds (even if very mild) and I did NOT get one with my first vaccine. I did get very tired the next day but no other reactions (haven't had 2nd shot yet).
  11. I'm old enough that I got at least 3 vaccinations at school -- and I highly doubt there's any record of that anywhere.
  12. There isn't a single state in the US that is over 43% with one shot, and the average is more like 30%. Not to mention that 'single shot' number is awfully misleading since you'd really need to use numbers from 2 weeks ago and not today -- when the average for the US was more like 20%. Which is not even counting that most herd immunity estimates I've seen have been 70-80% (some even higher) so we have a long way to go. IMO at this point ANY drop is great -- we're certainly not far enough along to be claiming that 'experts' are misleading us on this.
  13. My daughter was also tall for her age and didn't learn to ride until summer after 3rd grade -- she used training wheels that whole time. It sounds more to me like you have a bad set of training wheels than you need a new bike (and you should be able to buy training wheels that will work for her for much less than buying a new bike). FWIW, we tried balance bike, taking off the pedals, holding on, slight hill etc. with no success for 2 summers -- then the 3rd summer she just took off riding the first try (after winter off the bike).
  14. While these are new vaccine types. saying that because of that they will CAUSE virus mutations and make people more sick is just someone throwing out a scary theory based on no research or facts. Which is not to say there could not turn out to be unexpected consequences to these quickly turned out new style vaccines -- but if you're going to worry about something, worry about something more like thalidomide babies IMO. I do wonder how much our life will change 'back' after vaccines since some close family members have become quite a bit more germ phobic than I would have thought (far beyond following restrictions and being extra careful).
  15. I like the idea of (hopefully many of us) wearing a mask when we know we've got a cold (or signs of one) -- and it's become normal enough that maybe that will become the norm here whereas pre-covid, that would have been very strange here in the US (unlike Asia).
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