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  1. We tried the MWB videos with Foerster's and didn't like them. I also thought Foerster's was best if you wanted to do a ton of word problems. There's nothing else as strong in that I don't think (and they're kinda humorous) but it got old for us. We just didn't need that much practice with them so I was selective. We were coming out of BA and didn't want to do AoPS algebra yet. I actually followed Foerster's algebra with AoPS because she was young and I missed much of the heavy conceptual understanding in AoPS. We then switched to DO Geometry and after she got the hang of taking a math test, sh
  2. DD is 15, in 10th grade. For context, we have a somewhat unusual situation as she's academically strong, and had to decide between a science career (physical therapy or paleoanthropology) or a circus one. She's choosing to take a gap year post high school so she can teach, train, and perform more before applying to circus schools. She's applying at the level of a professional dancer or athlete even though it sounds weird to say "circus". So, I strike a balance between intensive academic courses for her brain while leaving time for her circus classes, training, teaching, and leadership. We
  3. We haven't taken the physics class yet, but we're in our second DO class (Algebra 2), and we've found it pretty easy to stick to the schedules. https://www.derekowens.com/CourseSyllabuses2.aspx?Location=Online&Day=Monday&Year=2019-2020&Course=Physics&Teacher=Mr. Owens and we also do the self grading option so we can move at our pace.
  4. When I looked into a few years ago, they were using Michael Clay Thompson materials, which we used on our own before their school opened near us. https://www.rfwp.com/series/mct-literature-program
  5. I recommend Homeschool Spanish Academy. I find the prices quite reasonable and they can provide a full high school curriculum with a Spanish speaker in Guatemala. I'm fluent so I teach my daughter, but I intentionally use HSA a year behind just as review. It gives my daughter great conversational practice, and she loves it. My daughter was also born in Guatemala (we're an adoptive family) so she learns a lot about Guatemalan culture too that she wouldn't get anywhere else.
  6. I agree with this 100%. My daughter plans to attend circus school after high school, and I've raised her with an academically rigorous homeschool that was very much eclectic and moved at her pace. She's a moderately gifted academic student but is more gifted physically. She has a 2e diagnosis with ADD and working memory processing challenges unless it's aerial--she can focus and master anything on silks and rope! We can't find enough local instruction at her level anymore, and it's become a real problem for us to find places where she can get enough time. We are so jealous of all the people wh
  7. Lots of small companies still have need for IT folks. My husband works for a local food co-op. They have multiple locations locally and have 3 IT people. (He's worked for bigger companies in Silicon Valley and much prefers where he is now.) I'm a content manager for one of the largest networking companies so I work with people in all different types of roles. There are tons of tech jobs that are between traditional IT person and computer programmer. Big companies always have a need for people like TMEs (technical marketing engineers) and trial engineers. Those folks tend to know a lot abo
  8. Our daughters sound quite similar. I don't (and never have) posted much here, but my daughter has been involved in circus arts since she was just barely 7. She turns 15 soon, and it's not changing. (SWB even included some things I talked about over the years in her "Rethinking School" book.) I've incorporated aspects of this passion at nearly every learning stage. She's finishing up 9th grade now, and I recently calculated just the hours she spent this past year TAing other classes--so not her training or performing--and it's worth more than an entire class load of work (180+ hours).
  9. We switched from AoPS to Derek Owens for Geometry this year, but I chose the self-grading option. It's been fine. More problems than AoPS and tests now, but the work has been extremely easy for her which has been a lovely change. She still prefers AoPS videos, but they aren't available at this level so it's not an option. But, I think AoPS prepared her math-inclined brain well. We're sticking with DO simply because it's been fine, and she has other priorities. Since we've self graded, I have no idea what tutoring or feedback would be. I'll keep doing the self-grading option next year for Algeb
  10. I am ABD for cognitive psychology and neuroscience. My speciality was originally language development and then Parkinson's disease (rats). I personally would recommend being a big fish in a smaller, interesting school for undergrad. I did undergrad at Bucknell University, which is usually ranked near or at the top for animal behavior for smaller schools. When I attended, it was primarily primates and rats. Duke has an amazing primate lab. I attended UT Austin for PhD and back then the neuro field was just starting to blossom! I recall your DD being more interested in herps, right?
  11. I don't see a disconnect at all so I'm just not sure what that refers to. My daughter reads the book, we watch the videos together (and she often comments on the repetition between the book and DO), and then she does the homework he assigns (book and additional assignments). We've found it to be completely aligned with the book. I certainly can't guarantee that your child will be successful. I'm just sharing that from our experience coming from AoPS, my daughter has found the course to be easy. From AoPS as a comparison, we did have a big increase in the number of problems because AoPS op
  12. Spanish III with me + review/practice of Spanish II with HSA US History - local class Biology - local class Algebra 2 - Derek Owens English lit & writing - feminism, women's studies (all still TBD, created by me) Aerial, ballet, acro/tumbling, musical theater, etc. Still thinking about other electives..
  13. We used Math without Borders for algebra (in 7th... my daughter came from AoPS BA but didn't want to do their algebra yet) but followed it with AoPS algebra in 8th, and now in 9th we're using DO for geometry. My daughter really didn't like the Math without Borders and after we evaluated everything else, she decided she was fine with the DO ones. (Truthfully, she adores the AoPS videos but they don't extend to geometry). Just FYI, DO has a half-price self-grading option where he gives you the answers for all the assignments and tests that he gives. You still have to buy the Jacob's solutio
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