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  1. Now for a late supper and having all my little birdies back in one nest
  2. Hope your dh feels better! What’s going in your baskets? I need inspiration. And how funny that you had out The Faithful Spy! 😝
  3. Do any of you just sit in your vehicle when you get home, enjoying the peace and quiet and the relative lack of nagging chores? Just checking. Next up: go inside 😝, put lasagna in the oven, and prep for CC class.
  4. Y’all. I just conferenced with my eldest, dd14, over a little lit essay I assigned. I could cry. Seriously. Before she spent a semester in school, writing was SUCH a bone of contention between us. Suddenly I have this mature teen not overreacting to writing or to instruction. Today went SO well. Her rough draft is so good. I don’t know whom to credit or thank; she was only in her English class for a month. Was it a coalescing of skills I taught her and an absorption of all the reading aloud we’ve done? Did that English teacher work that much magic in such a short few weeks? Whatever it is, I’ll take it. I might actually cry.
  5. Curtain Color?

    I like the blue, too!
  6. You moms-of-very-many have my eternal admiration! ❣️
  7. Is it bad to admit a bit of jealousy at your place of completion with homeschooling? Congratulations on all points!
  8. Thanks for this. This confirms my gut feeling, having never read the whole thing. My dd is a pretty mature reader and has read a good bit of holocaust lit but nothing that reveals this level of the atrocity. Instead I am having her skip Night and move on to the graphic bio The Faithful Spy by John Hendrix.
  9. Whenever I cooked something overnight years ago, I think I ended up throwing it out. 🤣. I couldn’t stand the thought of eating it after smelling it to the point of being nauseated all night.
  10. Slept in more than I meant to. Still, I have already: ✅ read dd14’s lit responses and assigned a short essay ✅read a few chapters in Night. Do I want my dd13 to read this? 😬🤔. She’s probably read stuff that is as horrifying, but my mama heart is still a bit squeamish about it. ✅coffee + breakfast ✅snuggle with ds6 ✅first round of wake up the teens to do: Prod girls to get up ✅ Shower and get completely ready ✅ wrangle boys✅ school with boys✅ lunch✅ bake lasagna✅ school with girls (one of them—ran out of time)✅ get dd13 to play practice ✅ take other three kids to Nana’s (make sure ds8 has soccer gear and all kids are appropriately dressed for the temps)✅ prep four poems for CC class✅ CC class✅ home to eat ✅ figure out tomorrow laundry?(dh and kids have handled mostly)✅
  11. I’ve never seen this movie, either, though I 💖 Jimmy Stewart.
  12. Christian Book Distributors order placed. ✅ Started working on the Thrive Mkt order but ultimately decided I don’t have the brainpower for it right now✅ Going to bed to read!
  13. No garage here. The wild critters would enjoy the food, no doubt. 🤣
  14. When I've tried to cook overnight, the smell kept us awake. I don't know if we're just super sensitive or what. Of course, that was long before we had children, so we're much tireder now, so maybe I should try it again. 😋
  15. Add to list: finalize Christian Book Distributors order and divvy up the cost of my Thrive Market order I'm splitting with my sister and friend
  16. It got pretty rough in our vicinity, I think. My sister, who lives about 10-15 miles away from us, was out at 3 am surveying the damage in her neighborhood. She said she thought the windows in the back of her house were going to blow out. It was straight line winds, though, as far as I know. Did you shop at the botanical garden sale? We used to join every year because it was hands down my favorite place to take my kids when they were younger. Now with teens we’ve somewhat outgrown it, so we no longer get a membership, but I do like to visit on occasion and also to attend the sale.
  17. I finished lunch (which wasn’t as simple as just warming up the pork for sandwiches) and also roasted some sweet potato slices for snacking this week. I’m skipping the next six items on my list and going straight for the nap! 🤣
  18. I have the same issue! The warm setting on my crockpot keeps things boiling. I can’t leave mine all day, really, unless it’s something dense and tough.
  19. I’m in a reading slump (& a writing slump). I did finally finish The Chosen by Potok (a reread) at about 1 am this morning while waiting for the all clear during a tornado warning. This week, I plan to do more reading aloud (Penderwicks in Spring and Year of Impossible Goodbyes). Also, to keep up with my girls’ lessons, Night by Wiesel for dd13’s history, and something undecided as yet for dd14’s lit. Sometimes all I can do is keep up with the homeschool.
  20. Now I’m sitting in the van in the church parking lot waiting for my hair to dry a bit more. 🤨. Dd13 had to be here early to serve in the 2-3 yo class. I’m enjoying the silence after listening to ds8 read Calvin & Hobbes aloud all the way to church. 🤣
  21. I thought I read somewhere here that this is an option, but I can’t find it on the website. Does anyone know?
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