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  1. My charging cord ends up in the same place when I’m working in the kitchen! 🤪
  2. I’m patting myself on the back because I more or less have supper done. All we’ll have to do is come home after soccer practice and warm it up. ✅👍🏼
  3. I totally struggle with this issue. My girls have heavy brows (as did I) and have been needled about them a bit. Both girls have opted to wax theirs, but only one has continued to pluck (to my knowledge, hers being the most noticeable). Both girls have upper lip hair, also, but only one has opted for bleaching at present. I’ve looked into electrolysis for them at their request, but aside from the expense, it is also not done locally under the age of 18. I’m very torn about whether or not to order the non-bleaching dd another option (or even just suggest following her sister’s suit) because if it doesn’t bother her, why should I mention it? Yet I think it DOES bother her so I don’t want to ignore it. It’s a sensitive quandary. 🤔
  4. I’m sorry you’re struggling, Chris. Are you the Chris who lives in north Alabama?
  5. Somehow I managed to get involved in helping dd14 bake about a million frozen cookies for a church event. 😅
  6. We almost have the opposite problem at our house with our 13 and 14 yo girls (the frequency part, not the length—45 min.x2 per night! 😵), but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because long, frequent showers and baths are good ways to get away from little brothers. 😝
  7. Snuggle with boys in bed ✅ coffee ✅ order dd13 ballet slippers for play costume ✅ read ✅ shower✅ Supper in crockpot (porkchops)✅ laundry (ongoing) school boys ✅ lunch✅ work on supper ✅ Girls one-on-one (with one; ran out of time for both, though I did help her through some sticky geometry) out and about: dd13 to play practice; dd14 to get her dress hemmed for the upcoming co op formal; ds8 to soccer practice ✅ home to supper ✅ figure out SAT stuff (I’m the co op testing admin this year 🥴) and send emails whatever else I manage to do
  8. I’ve had a good evening. We discussed four poems in my CC class tonight, and poetry is my favorite thing to teach. I went out and visited my parents after class and got to visit with my cousin, too, who was here today from out of town for the funeral. I’ve decided to forego my usual freak out and just go to bed to read for a bit. 😝 I’ve made a to-do list for tomorrow already, and I’ll just tackle it then.
  9. The funeral was 100% my uncle. He did not attend church anywhere, so the pastor that did the service did it as a way of serving his friend, my cousin. My cousin (uncle's son) shared all kinds of humorous anecdotes about my uncle. My uncle was quite a character, to say the least. Anyway, it was an unusual but very fitting service. Now I'm back home to cram prep for my CC class. I'll go out and visit my mom after class. DH took off for the funeral and has the kids out and about and will take them to church activities tonight.
  10. Got the first bit of my day done—now on to the funeral + CC class part. Getting school finished on 75 degree, sunny days is not easy (for me or the boys 😝).
  11. Thanks for this, @Negin! I haven't bought anything for my Kindle in a long time, but I added this one. I'm intrigued!
  12. We've decided that cash-only just doesn't work for us. I don't know why. It's so difficult for us to manage to keep the money dispersed between us as needed. That, and we have a hard time getting by the bank to restock our money, etc. So our new plan is to use debit but track it better. I don't know. Sometimes it feels like the "new" habits (that we try over and over and over again to implement) will never stick. On the upside, we're in better financial shape than we've been in many years thanks to simply paying more attention.
  13. Thank you. We were not close, but it is still a sad reminder that my own parents are aging.
  14. Wow! I'm with @elroisees--I zoomed through when I read them, but I'd like to re-read and see what I discover!
  15. . . . . and I just lost my post. Ugh. 😵 Up and at 'em. ✅ Coffee. ✅ Work on CC class prep (because I passed out last night in the middle of trying to prep) [to be continued. . .✅] Shower and get ready✅ School with boys✅ Lunch✅ Get ready for funeral✅ Attend my uncle's funeral✅ Run out and visit my mom? (may do this after class--she is unable to attend her brother's funeral due to being housebound/unable to walk due to her hip not healing properly after surgery)✅ Finish CC prep✅ Teach CC class✅ Go home and have my midweek "Oh my goodness! Where has the week gone? The house is a wreck and I have so much laundry to do and stuff to put away and and and and" freak out
  16. Ds8 made the first goal of the season for his team! and now I have to go work on my CC class, which I totally left off my list at o’dark thirty this morning. 😑
  17. I’m home for a quick unload of the van and then I’m off for my pedicure! My dmil and dh often give me spa gift certificates for Christmas, etc., and I save them for pedicures. ❣️
  18. It’s our last regular co op day today! Hurrah and also boo! We all (and I especially) could use a break, but we will miss the dedicated time each week to see our homeschool posse. Never fear! We actually have co-op related activities scheduled for the next two weeks! And then dd13’s play, which goes live mid-May, involves many of her bffs. So, today: up and at ‘em✅ Wash hair ✅ dry hair✅ coffee, etc. ✅ finish packing up✅ pick up coffees for creative writing class✅ Teach two co op classes✅ lunch✅ pick up printing ✅ call spa about pedicure?✅ teach final co op class✅ co op end of year celebration✅ take dd13 and her friend to practice✅ HOME! ✅ Pedicure? (It’s hard to get an appointment)✅ supper prep (every man for himself!) ✅ ds8’s first soccer game (way too late) (if it isn’t cancelled due to soggy fields)✅ crash
  19. Headed bed at about 75% ready to go in the morning, which is about 50% (or more!) better than I usually am. 🎉
  20. I’m definitely counting it as both reading fluency practice and vocabulary! 😝
  21. YES! YES! YES! My guy is extremely verbal, too. I’ll admit I still get cracked up at Calvin, so I’m sure that doesn’t help discourage him (& I really don’t want to DIScourage him, exactly). . .but DANG! Sometimes my ears need a break! 😬😂
  22. I feel so ahead of the game tonight! All I have to do for the rest of the night is prep our co op stuff. And I only really have one class to prep for tomorrow because the others are poetry tea times that just require me to gather books and snacks, etc. 🎉🎉
  23. every time we get in the van. 🤪 and also 🥰
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