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  1. I have always been sort of philosophically opposed to coinciding literature with history in the elementary and even most of middle cycle. I think that is the stage for synchrony - reading many diverse things which are not organized by a chronological principle - while high school was the ideal diachrony stage (the chronological approach in literature, art history, philosophy, loosely coordinated with history). Never did biographies, and never did premeditated historical fiction around history either (if my children read those, it was accidental / free reading).
  2. Don't. Inauthentic, pseudo-intellectual charlatanism with a highly pretentious title, little to no substance, ideas which range from amusing to downright dangerous. Just my $.02 based on limited, superficial contact with it (because I did not deem it worthy of my time to study it more extensively).
  3. A random smiley. :)

  4. Happy New Year (a few hours in advance though)! :)

  5. :) Happy new year (a bit in advance)!

  6. Awww. :) I want that T-shirt!!

  7. Thanks. :)


    I'm in a bit of a whiney, self-pity, depressed mood - one of those days - so your message brightened it up for me LOL. :)

    I hope you're doing well too. Take care.

  8. Thanks for the help in the thread about Catholic study materials. :)

  9. Yes, I come to your page, and then I leave a random smiley to brighten up your day (or at least that is my intention LOL). Not really a private message, because it can be seen by others too, but cute for a quick smiley when you cannot resist leaving one. :)

  10. Great blog :), I stopped by a few times in past and liked how visually appealing and detailed it was about your activities with your daughter. You seem to post a lot of useful info and ideas for people who have kids approximately the same age (which excludes me, I am afraid, but I still liked it).

  11. :)

    I thought I would leave a random smiley.

  12. I really like your posts. You make me feel like less of an alien on here sometimes ;), plus you often show a capacity to say, in fewer words and more coherently, what I think as well. I also discovered AoPS for my middle daughter largely thanks to you.


    Overall, I like your presence on the boards. Thank you for it. :)

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