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This is a warning to those of you who check out large numbers of books at a time. I had only four books checked out of our library (thank the Lord!) on February 14th, when our house burned down. The library charged me $15 for each book PLUS a $6 service charge PER BOOK. $84 for four children's books. Their comment was, "Oh, the insurance will pay for it." Sorry, it doesn't work that way.


I noticed in another thread that someone mentioned having 90 books currently checked out. That would amount to $1890. Scarry!


Susie in SWVA

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Are you sure the books are not covered under the personal property portion of your policy? The library books were in your care, custody and control, and therefore, should be covered under personal property. I would check very closely on this.


From someone with 18 years in property casualty underwriting and adjusting.



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This may be something that varies from library system to library system. I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this.


We've simply lost children's books in the past and all they asked was for us to donate a book to the library of our choosing for the same age group and general topic.

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Not every library is this heartless.


A friend of mine had their house destroyed by a tornado, then it rained, and then everything had to be thrown away because of asbestos contamination. My friend went to the head of the library and explained her situation, and said that in time they would pay for all the books, but that it was going to take awhile because of their circumstances.


The head of the library went to the board and recommended that they forgive the entire debt, which they did.

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Why would homeowners insurance not cover the books?


Maybe if your insurance company gives you something in writing saying the portion of your claim for the books was denied, the library would let you pay a lesser amount. Also, our library will let me replace lost books with new ones, which I can usually get at less than retail on Amazon.

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