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New to hsing - need some assistance

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We began hsing in January. Since the decision to hs was spurious I did not have a lot of time to plan or research curricula. DS was in 6th grade when we chose to hs.


Here is what DS and I are doing for the remainder of this school year:


Easy Grammar 6

Wordly Wise 7

Scripps Spelling


Center for Independent Study - Univ. of Missouri

Math -7 grade

Social Studies -6th grade

Life Science - 7th grade

Gifted Course - 7th grade


I am supplementing with art classes, Boy Scouts and 4H, numerous field trips and activities like SCUBA diving and rockwall climbing.


We have decided to continue hsing next year. We will be advancing DS into 8th grade.


What would you suggest for books, programs, etc. The only requirements are Latin (DS's greatest desire) and that the material be challenging.

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I can't speak on Latin, as we're going Greek... makes sense in our family since my dh is Greek and speaks it fluently. I know many people here could help you with a good Latin choice!


Here are my little suggestions for you: I would strongly recommend a book by Cathy Duffy, called 100 Top Picks. It saved me over $500 because I found out that my dd's learning style is xyz and not abc like I had thought! The first part of the book will describe different philosophies of education, different styles, your dc's learning style/s, your teaching styles and what goals you have, what factors affect your hs choices (time/money/ease of use, etc.) From there, you'll fill out a chart and voila, she'll point you to the top pics that correspond to how you answered in the first part of the book. The second part of the book reviews each of these "picks" so you could make choices on curric that you (and your dc!) are likely not to regret.


I would also get a copy of The Well Trained Mind if you haven't already, and see how inspired you get! :001_smile:


Congrats on this exciting journey!

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Yes, read WTM. We've had to modify it, but it is our base. Cathy Duffy's book is helpful, even though in our case none of our dc fit into her learning styles and it doesn't include everything.


Will your ds be doing pre-Algebra or Algebra? For those, I suggest going to the High School Forum, or even searching the various Algebra tags. Math is a volatile subject, and opinions vary.


We find Rod & Staff has some challenging grammar as it goes along; I'd suggest gr 7 for 8th grade if he's never done diagramming--you didn't say if you wanted Christian or secular.


Which branch of science are you going to do?

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The best advice I can give is take sometime off. It won't hurt your childs education. I took my dd out of public school at the end of her third grade year and wish I would have had more then just the summer to adjust. Remember that this is a new step for both of you. Go slow. There will be many difficult days ahead but in the end it is worth it.

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Plan wonderful trips with your child. One of the most rewarding aspects of homeschooling is being able to experience things together. As far as Latin goes... check out the various Latin texts and see what you feel comfortable with as the teacher. Next year I am having my child take a class at Veritas Press online simply because I did not study along with her and I am lost.

Welcome to the journey.

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