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Up date on Taz's Freshman year

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Valerie in TX asked for an update on Taz's freshman year at STU, so I thought I'd give the boring details--lol.


BOOKS! If your child received a scholarship, make sure that you get to that book store early so he can order his books & charge it against his account. First semester ended up a nightmare because one of Taz's scholarships did not show up yet, and he was SHORT on funds for his books--yikes. We worked it out & his father wired the money a week before class & all was well.


Dorm life sent my OCD child right back home second semester. He does not party, does not like a lot of company running in and out, and only received enough funds to cover a shared dorm room. His roommate was the dictionary definition of dirty--down right nasty fits better. The kid's family must pay for personal around the clock maid service, as his clothing, books, and old smelly food containers were E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.


The kid bagged up the crud after numerous requests, then purposely left the bag of trash in the room. Taz complained, but only mediation was offered until a room change could occur winter semester. Taz decided he rather deal with his siblings and my nagging than live in filth. He's sign up for a dorm again junior year when he knows for sure he does not have to have a roommate.


Class size leaned toward small, and the largest was freshman English with roughly 40 students. His math, science, and philosophy classes consisted of 20 or less students. And if you all remember the blood, sweat, and tears we went through to get Taz to high school level writing can just imagine the workload ds endured in freshman English. He made it through the class with a strong C. We'll take it. This winter semester, he's taking classical literature and scoring a high B, low A on his papers & mid-term--yeah! Many schools require specific credit distribution along with freshman seminars. Taz endures the requirements, but wished he'd could take courses he wants. But you know, in the work world, we must take assignments even if we feel we don't or shouldn't have to do so.


He loves philosophy and plans to double-major in physics/philosophy with a minor in classical studies. Don't you just love TWTM? If all goes well the remainder of winter semester, Taz's name will be on the Dean's list a 2nd time. Yep, this mother is bragging.


Taz stated the following skills well prepared him for college:


Summary writing & note taking skills--TWTM


Precis writing--Wordsmith Craftsman

Great Books--TWTM

Analyzing fiction & nonfiction --The Well-Educated Mind

Annual research projects as outlined in TWTM

2 rotations of history--many of his classmates cannot connect non-America historican to current world events

Working independently--homeschooling


Outside of his freshman English class, Taz finds college the same or easier than homeschooling. Geez, I felt like the school warden with that last comment--grin.


Taz felt a solid foundation in the 3R's paved the way to a successful freshman year. The only subject we should have pushed more in is grammar & composition. We started hs'ing in 6th grade, and dabbled in grammar in 7th grade. We used Stewart English during 8th, 9th and part of 10th grades. As a result, Taz told me that Storm should complete AG AND Stewart English before 11th grade. In addition, he found IEW helped him to get words to paper & D'Angelo's Composition in the Classical Tradition and the book, The Art of Styling Sentences provided Taz with the tools to formulate coherent, and dare I say, elegant writing. Last, taking his weakest subject from someone other than me also forced Taz to follow through on writing assignments and accept positive criticism. So, if you don;t think your teaching a subject well, or your child needs more assistance than you can offer, get your child registered and participating in a co-op or online course ASAP. I'm glad we found Home2teach online writing classes when we did during 11th grade.



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Thank you so much for the update! I often feel that I have watched from this virtual perch Taz and other WTM students grow up. Glad that things have mostly gone well and shake my head at the roommate story.


Continue to keep us posted, please!


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It's great to hear how our TWTM graduates are doing, and their feedback on what to do with the younger ones is very helpful, too.


I'm praying that my son gets blessed with a compatible roommate for next year because a friend's dh who teaches at a local state university said that the number one factor in college kids being happy at school was having a compatible roommate.


Glad to hear things are going well!


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And it is nice to have you back. : ) I always enjoyed your posts and found them helpful. My sympathies on the roommate problem. Sigh. It could have been worse, I suppose; my husband had a thief one semester, and one of mine dealt drugs out of our room unbeknownst to me (she didn't want to worry me or get me in trouble). It could have been better, though. My sister has someone who became her best friend. My oldest, who is a freshman this year, was lucky and got a good friend, but they had to split up second semester because the roommate dropped out of the regiment. Now they are trying to figure out how to get themselves into graduate housing or off campus so they can live together even though they aren't both in the regiment. Osmosis's daughter had roommate problems, too. I'm glad the rest is going well! Good for him for surviving the writing! My middle one has opted for a major/college combination that has low expectations in that department GRIN.


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Wonderful to hear that he is doing so well! And thanks so much for telling us what was helpful in preparing him...reports from the trenches. :)


As Jane says, it's great to hear success stories from those who've posted over years of schooling. I was always somewhat in awe of his mathematical abilities and of your ability to teach at those high levels (and through illness). I'm very happy to hear this good news!


Many congratulations to you both.

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Valerie in TX asked for an update on Taz's freshman year at STU, so I thought I'd give the boring details--lol.



Pshaw!! Boring, my eye!!! These are the kids we've been rooting for, for years!! :)


Thanks for the encouraging news!



(and for the incentive to visit the College Board for the first time! ;) )

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