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Need tips on putting elastic through a casing

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If you can't work the pin through the seamed area, take it out and use a smaller (narrower) safety pin. I have used a paper clip in the past, when I didn't have a safety pin, and the size worked, but it is a hassle. You really have to make sure the paper clip's little stems don't get out of alignment because they will get stuck in the side of the casing. To keep that from happening, you can put tape around the paper clip so it stays in one neat package. That might work -- I didn't think of it at the time.

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If it's really narrow elastic (and I'm assuming it would be) you can also use a large-eye darning or tapestry needle. The blunt kind that you weave in ends with when knitting.


I hate when I get caught up in pressed-back seams with the elastic. So annoying.

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I have this great little device called a bodkin. You clip it onto the elastic, then use it as a needle to feed the elastic through the casing, unclip and voila! No frustration whatsoever.






Try pinching the seam open some more. I often have trouble getting the pin through one seam or another. I have to back it up, really make sure the hole is open and keep trying.


I'd try this. Then get a bodkin for future projects. They're inexpensive and helpful.

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Have you tried going the other way? Sometimes the seam is just laying wrong and you catch a piece of fabric and can't get through.


I like to use a plastic headed, safety pin like they used to use on baby diapers. The plastic seams to help it slip through better.



If it is a narrow casing...I will use tape and tape the elastic up and over an embroidery needle then thread it through. The needle gives you a way to wiggle it through the seams.

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