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Unexpected sadness...(kind of trivial)

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My dd unexpectedly sprouted some new teeth behind her bottom two front ones. At first it was kind of funny because I thought she was just whining about her teeth bothering her. I mean, she complained but it was always a different tooth. Then one day, she showed me and oops! there they were. By coincidence, she had a dentist appt. The dentist took her two front teeth out.


It was all kind of sudden for me. I don't mean that the dentist just grabbed a set of pliers and yanked them out before I could say something. I was consulted, signed all the forms, and forked over the money (huge wazoo pain) before anything was done. It was just that when my dd came out, she had moved from toddler girl to an actual girl with that big gap in her mouth. I wasn't ready.


It's thrown me for a loop and I am not a particularly sappy person. I didn't feel this way with my son. We all looked forward to him losing his teeth and kept teasing him to hurry and get on with it. Concerning my dd, there is this lump in my throat and this dread that it is going to be over soon. I can't really articulate what *it* is. I don't really want her to grow up but she insists that she must.

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Oh, I hear you loud and clear. I have twins and they are losing their baby teeth like crazy right now. One is missing her 2 top, front teeth and 1 bottom tooth. This is the first time in 7.5 years that I have had serious baby cravings and I think that is because my babies are no more.


Hugs to you.

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I never thought a child losing a tooth could be sad. weird. :glare:


Tonight at dinner, my son (will be 6 in March), said his tooth hurt, my dh put his finger on it and said it was loose. My son looked at me with a big smile and I.. I... burst into tears! :lol: My husband looked at me like I was insane and I felt insane. TOTALLY. COMPLETELY, unexpected! Where did all that emotion come from?


Anyway, I can totally sympathize with the unexpected sadness. :)

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