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United Streaming------Can someone give me a brief tutorial about this?

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All I know is that this exists. I've never looked into it, but a fellow teacher at school has and said that the cost is high for a school (something like $2000 per year).


If it is that expensive, how do people here afford it? Did I read one time that it is free in certain states?


Thanks for any help!

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It is free in a few states, or access is through the school district at no cost. Others have joined through a homeschool co-op. The home access fee is lower than the school district, but the home version has less available. Right now I think it is a little under $300. You can check the web site and find out if your state has free access. Way back on the old board some dear woman complied a list of states with free access.



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I'm curious if those who bought a subscription through the homeschool buyer's co-op get a lot of use from United Streaming or not.


I have a friend who knows someone with "the codes" to gain access to US but that seems wrong to me...so I don't know if it's worth paying for. LOL!


Is this something that you schedule into your day or mainly use as a supplement when you feel you need it?

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We purchased our access to United Streaming through Homeschools Buyers Co-op. We usually watch 3-5 videos a week. Most of the videos have teacher's guides and quizs with them. We are studying economics this semester and watch 1-2 videos on economics a week. Last semester we watched videos on Europe and this semester we are watching videos on Asia. We watch Spanish videos and science videos. Last year when we were studying botany there were over 120 botany videos to choose from. My 11 yr. old ds watches them for fun. He loves Junk Yard Wars and Animal Planet. We don't have cable so we really like United Streaming.

God bless,


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