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Is there a "getting around london for dummies" type book out there?

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Yes, the express train (not tube/underground) from Paddington to Heathrow is really easy. Just take a cab to Paddington - the cabs have metres, so there's nothing really to negotiate. Use cash for the cab and a credit card (overseas is fine) for the train ticket.




The Gatwick express train runs from Victoria. Again, just take a cab to the station:





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If in doubt hail a ride in a black cab.

Contrary to popular opinion Londoners are a very friendly lot and will happily help anyone who asks.

It would be good to get a nice book on London however because he might have time to see some galleries. Central London is very walkable.

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London is easy to navigate in -- Rick Steves book does help. Also each underground station has an info window to help you in you are mixed up.


You can also do some work online before leaving. Look for the trains that go to the airport (You have to know which airport you are departing). We were able to get a discount on tix purchased on line before hand (two for one, which is huge!!). You can also find the times of departure, how long the train takes, etc.


We used the underground (with luggage) to get to the correct train station, transferred all underground (no weather worries), and arrived at the airport. Never took a cab the entire time we were there!

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