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for sticky: dyscalculia (math disability)

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42 minutes ago, desertflower said:

Thanks Rosie!

I emailed Ronit Bird about the minicomputers once and she said they were mere computational devices. I disagree. They made a wonderful foundation for future work on fractions. After all, Kid had been used to breaking numbers up and putting them back together, so it was no big deal to learn that you can break a one and put it back together too.

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In elementary, Cuisenaire rods (and Miquon math books).  Makes it easier to "see" concepts and manipulate numbers.

Education Unboxed has great videos to use for teaching with rods, even if you don't use Miquon.  http://www.educationunboxed.com/


Plain, boring, Rod and Staff math was very good for my ones that needed concepts broken down into smaller parts, with lots of review of previously learned concepts.  Especially good for my one with working memory issues.

These Math Reference charts were very helpful for working memory. https://christianlight.org/curriculum/support-and-resource-materials/math/math-reference-charts

Key to Algebra was also good for breaking things down into smaller steps of understanding to build success. 

Basic Algebra (by Dolciani and Brown) was very confidence building.  You can see it on archive.org...  https://archive.org/details/basicalgebra00brow/mode/2up

And there is Basic Geometry (by Jurgensen and Brown); also on archive.org... https://archive.org/details/basicgeometry0000jurg/mode/2up


MUS has been good for algebra (1 & 2) and geometry-- easier problem sets that do not get in the way of seeing the underlying concept.



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