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Homecoming flowers?


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What is the trend for those of you that have or know kids going to homecoming (and see pics on social media).

Here it seems that the wrist corsage has fallen off in favor of the bouquet. It is pretty in pictures but then what do you do with it all night? Take it with you to the dance? Send home with parents? Leave it in the car? One mom said she thought the girls posed for pics and then just left them in the car. Some do still go with the wrist corsage here but the girls who are fashion forward are the bouquets.

And do the girls still buy the guy a boutonnière and pin it on the jacket lapel? Here not all the guys wear jackets but honestly probably most of the boys who come with a date are wearing a jacket. 

My dd is going with a date to homecoming. She is in 10th and most of her friends have not really started going with dates yet and her older friends are not the most experienced either. So just asking her friends isn’t the best option.

I feel very disconnected from current trends!

For the record we are planning on the traditional boutonnière and just trying to figure out what to do with a bouquet of flowers if that is what her date goes with. Just wondering what I don’t know about this that I should. Lol.

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