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What to do with ipod touch? (s/o pda)

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You can load audio books on it, and videos, too.


And, you can go buy a Scion and plug you iPod into the iPod jack and listen to your own music/books in your car w/o having to surrepticiously hid your earbuds from the highway patrol. :coolgleamA:


iTunes has this neat new Genius feature that will create playlists for you based on songs in your library; that's a fun feature for the iPod, too.

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Do you use Outlook on your computer? You can sync your calendar and contacts onto your Touch.


Have you checked out the "App Store" at iTunes? There are lots of free applications that you can download. For example, I have:


- Facebook

- Wikipanion - a mini-wikipedia

- Universalis - Catholic lectionary/liturgy of the hours (this was not free)

- NY Times reader

- Sudoku

- News Canada

- Stanza (e-book reader)

- PAC-MAN lite

- Tangram Pro

- Tap-Tap (sort of like Guitar Hero for your fingers!)


Do you have wireless internet in your home? You can get your email and surf the web on your iPod Touch. And get up-to-date weather info for major cities. You will need an internet connection for some of the apps above.


I also have lots of (free) podcasts that i listen to. I subscribe to these at iTunes. They are all free. My son also subscribes to some sports-related video podcasts.

- CBC Arts and Ideas

- The Classic Tales (short stories)

- BBC Discovery

- BBC Great Lives

- BBC In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg

- BBC World Book Club

- BBC Thinking Aloud

- The Moth Podcast (live story-telling)

- The New Yorker: Comment

- The New Yorker: Fiction

- a couch-to-5k podcast

- some guided meditation podcasts


It's a fabulous device! Three of the four of us have one, and the fourth is getting one for Christmas!

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Here's what I plan to use mine for:


listen to music

listen to audiobooks

(I can plug it into my car stereo; it's iPod-ready)

watch movies on it when travelling

have my calendar and contacts with me at all times, and update easily

to-do lists, grocery lists, etc.


check email and surf the web when I'm at the library or coffee shop



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