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Middle School Video Science Suggestions


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going into 8th grade

What are your suggestions for a video based or online self-paced (but NOT live!) science curriculum. (He likes what his older brother is doing in chemexplained, but is definately not ready for that yet). 

It doesn't matter christian or secular as long as it's not preachy. Would like to have very little reading of either online stuff or textbook-I'd love it to be a page or so-maybe like a printout, but that's my unicorn. 

I know of science shepherd, but most have an accompanying textbook-so no. I've also looked into journey homeschool (can't put my finger on what isn't right for us there), and science.mom (too young).

Is there anything else out there I can look into before I create and organize my own path? Thanks!

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Science mom is going to have physics in the fall, which may aim a bit older. I'm planning on having my middle schooler play around with Khan academy to see if anything catches her interest or sparks a desire to research more

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Science is Weird is great.  Its all videos with some optional deep dive documents available.  Its not a curriculum, but an exploration of a scientific question/topic.  Watch some of the samples or buy one of the previous recording series and view with your kid because the teachers style isn't for everyone, its often not straightforward, it is as Socratic as I feel you can be on a recorded class, and you need to draw some of your own conclusions.  The videos are also very long often up to an hour and a half but can easily be split into multiple viewings.

We have used Science Shepherd Life this year and never actually used the textbook.  My 11yo DD only watches the videos then does the online quiz and does fine.  There is an optional test booklet and I let her use the textbook for that and do open book style.  Their physics video courses should be out this fall and we are planning on doing it next in a similar style.

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BJU online courses are not too terrible. 8th is Earth Science. 9th is Physical Science that requires concurrent Algebra 1. One of mine just finished it and loved it. Print the 256 Guided Notes Answer Key, not the blank. Have the kid highlight what is underlined. Very very worth it! The Homeschool Hub is super easy to use.



k12 is not exactly videos or deep, but have a read to me option.



Apologia has self-paced online video courses. Only General Science (7-8) is available for middle school, though. And yes, you NEED the  huge notebook.



Exploration Education, maybe?





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