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  1. I'm sure the ratios depend on region, what area of engineering and even what company. I have a coworker whos wife has worked in civil engineering for decades and she said there is a definite need for more women in her field. This has some useful statistics: https://swe.org/research/2024/employment/
  2. Subscribe to his email list if you haven't already. I have seen at least two 50% off coupons sent out for the Algebra I/II bundle in the past few months, and I know there is a coupon at the end of the free pre-algebra course for just Algebra I if you try that and like the format.
  3. My daughter wants to be an Engineer as well and keeps telling me how much she loves algebra and wants to get to calculus ASAP. LOL. She did Math Mammoth for grades 1-6 but didn't want to do their pre-algebra this year so we went kind of a random route. She did Learn Math Fast books 1-2 as a review. Then did the free Pre-Algebra class at Easy Hard Science https://learnwithdrscott.com/course/free-pre-algebra-won/, which only takes about 6-8 weeks. Now she is doing Learn Math Fast books 3-4, then we will move directly into algebra. We are planning on doing the Algebra I/II classes at Easy Hard Science since she likes his video format. I emailed the person who presents the courses, because it looked honestly too short and easy, and he assured me that, as a chemical engineer himself, it was plenty of algebra preparation for a child who wants to pursue an engineering degree with the exception of proofs if they are interested in that. We have a MiaPrep lifetime subscription so my plan was to have her take the Algebra tests they have on their site just to confirm she was retaining the information and just keep moving forward. 🙂
  4. In the past I had nagging pain from time to time in my hips, lower back, sciatica. I started wearing zero drop shoes and I haven't had a problem since, I even feel like I have better posture and feel taller. LOL. I primarily wear Xero brand, but I also have a few no-name pairs from Amazon that feel good too.
  5. I wouldn't skip a third lab science. Echoing the others that say do the labs separately and finish up where you left off from 8th grade. You could probably do a lab intensive two weeks this summer and knock out the entire years worth then take your time with the rest of the book material over the next school year.
  6. You might like to explore this website for some free classes in that age group. https://athomemiddleschool.com/ I have an 11 year old homeschooler too. She did The Basics of Critical Thinking earlier this year. It will not take a year to go through so this is a great time to start this. Here is the other stuff she is doing, just for a reference/suggestions. She is fairly advanced (IMO) and very self-motivated so we try to pick materials that are more written to the student and need minimal input from me other than checking work or clarifying instructions. Literature: Exploring the World Through Story (also has a writing component) Level G Writing: Classical Academic Press Writing & Rhetoric Grammar/Spelling: Christian Light Education Language Arts 6 Math- She going through the Learn Math Fast Series as review as we plan to start Algebra next year. She is in the pre-algebra portion right now. I also have the Pre-Algebra book from Critical Thinking Company. Math Mammoth is also a great suggestion, we used that up until this year. These are all self-teaching materials. Science- We already have a Miacademy subscription so she is doing Earth Science through there, but if not I would have used Novare Earth Science. History- She loves Christian Light Education's Middle School History, this year she is doing World History (Level 7), it has a textbook+workbooks. We also listen to SOTW audiobooks on the way to co-op. This year we are cycling through Middle Ages. I also considered using Critical Thinking Company's History Detective, but I think I will save that for later.
  7. We have been in the same Co-op for 5 years. It IS a total time suck, especially since its a bit of a drive from us so it eats up an entire day. BUT since I work full time it is the one day I have slotted to do things with the kids out of the home, otherwise we would be at the mercy of a crazy schedule and they wouldn't get to see the same peers on a regular basis. So I just take it for being a 100% social thing and don't expect too much out of it academically.
  8. I bought a couple of these a few months ago and haven't done anything with them yet, I think I kinda forgot about them. 😄 I thought the concept was really neat. Thanks for resurrecting the thread so I can remember to find them!
  9. I got mine last Friday with my flu shot. My arm was a little sore that day and that evening I felt tired earlier that usual. I slept fine and woke up feeling fine (no chills or fever). I've heard from several people the flu shot made them very sleepy so it very well might have been the flu shot causing that with me too. This is my 4th or 5th Covid shot and I haven't had a problem with any of them, so I wasn't too worried about this one, vaccines in general don't bother my body much except for the sore arm.
  10. We have not kept a journal but that is a good idea. I was thinking about the florescent lights too. Her own GP is sort of on a watch and wait plan since it seemed like it was getting better and she didn't have problems for a few months, but now that its back again and bothering her I'm seeing what my next steps should be.
  11. She did complain of some stomach pain about 20 minutes before the last one happened.
  12. She has been through the tests and it didn't show anything. We can't seem to find anything to trigger an attack in office either.
  13. Her doctor didn't seem to think so but we will be taking her back to another appointment if it keeps flaring up. I'm not super familiar with epilepsy experiences, but she is completely aware during and doesn't have any tiredness after, although the dizziness takes a while to wear off. My husband has suggested taking her to the ER next time she experiences these symptoms as that's probably the only time we might actual have them witness by medical provider.
  14. My father was prescribed Soolantra, but he couldn't afford the several hundred dollar a month cost. I did a little searching on some forums for rosacea patients and found out that people were using horse dewormer paste instead, many even had their derms recommend it as a cheaper option. Make sure you get the kind with Ivermectin in it, which is the active ingredient in Soolantra. You have to get past the stickiness and smelling like apples, but his face was clear in a few months. A tube lasts about a month for him and is around $8, even cheaper if you buy in bulk.
  15. Not looking for medical advice, but my 11yo daughter has been struggling with some symptoms and no answer has been found yet so wondering if this sounded familiar enough to anyone to give me some other paths to think about. As best as I can get out of her, suddenly she will start feeling like her vision is going in and out of focus, and she starts feeling dizzy and like she can't move her body, has a sense of disreality and sometimes she feels sick to her stomach. No headache, no muscle spasms, no specific relation to food. Sometimes her pupils look large. Meclizine (an over the counter motion sickness med) helps resolve the symptoms but I think it could be placebo effect because they also slowly go away without it. Her labs are clear, she doesn't have POTS, her vision has been checked and other than needing a prescription change is fine. Her doctor thinks its related to hormones around her cycle and rapid metabolism necessitating more food and water or fluid in the ears from environmental allergies. A lot of the "attacks" seem to be brought on in large brightly lit rooms with a lot of activity going on (Walmart type, conference centers, dance studio), so I'm curious if there could be a sensory overload or panic attack type of thing going on even though she says she doesn't feel nervous or her heart beating fast. Last time it happened she was more concerned that she was being a bother to others because she needed assistance coming to find me (she was in a class and I was waiting in the car) and it is making her hesitant to go anywhere alone.
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