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My thoughts on CLE math

Ting Tang

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I decided to use CLE this year for my 5th grader.  I do not know if I am out of sync since I use Singapore for my others (mastery with reviews), but sometimes I just feel like the introduction of new topics is splintered and disordered, possibly random.  Is it me?  I know it is spiral.   


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I think it can be hard to see the growth when using one year of a spiral curriculum.  It often relies on connections from previous years and previous units of other material in order to see the intended amount of learning.

While I do think it can be choppy at first, I do think CLE is pretty solid.  I've used it with kids who needed something firm but the budget and time wasn't available from the parents.  It works pretty well for them.

I have a current kid I'm tutoring who would flounder if I moved him over.  He really needs more time with each concept before moving on to something new.  Even his current book doesn't quite meet his needs.  What I do with him is take the material, rework it, and bring in the vocabulary, concepts, and procedures from previous material and make the connection over and over again.

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