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IEW what to order?


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The first item recommended is the TWISS set. Really, this is all you 'need' to work through the IEW programme.


All other IEW items stem from TWISS - this is the DVD seminar that will teach you, the teacher, how to teach writing.


If you want, you can also purchase the SWI set - which is a DVD seminar presented directly to the students. That way, there's no waiting for you to watch 'your' DVDs before starting - the child can plug in the SWI DVD, and begin straight away.


But TWISS is the 'must have', and a product you will refer to again and again.

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I must just mention ...


Unit 1 of IEW starts with notetaking - this is slightly different to the outlining as in WTM, and in R&S grammar .

I really don't think IEW does a very good job of teaching notetaking.


I would rather go with the WTM / R&S method.

The inexpensive Remedia books teach Outlining best of all.

Beginning Outlining is for younger students, and the other book, Outlining, is for slightly older kids.

The paragraphs given to the student to outline are very easy and written exactly for the purpose of teaching outlining. Once they have had some practice with these "ideal" paragraphs, then the kids are ready to move on to books where the paragraphs are not as "ideal".

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We're just completing WT2 and I'm thinking of moving onto IEW. What should I order?


I bought TWSS vhs tapes for $50 used. It includes the Notebook, of course.


You don't need to buy the supplemental materials if cost is an issue. I want to tie-in writing w/ history & lit, so I didn't opt for the SWI.


My dd 11 does Key Word Outlines from[I] What Your Sixth Grader Needs To Know history selections. She's doing a para on Martin Luther this week.


I love IEW!!

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