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  1. We have a WINNER! Although I'm VERY fascinated that there's a shower curtain, she's very into sudoku, and I think she'll LOVE this - thankyou! Thanks for all the great ideas - I think we'll be having some fun with this topic - love the song, too! :hurray:
  2. Hi - anyone know of a no-fuss, interesting, even fun way to learn about the periodic table? I have a 16 year old - not much interest in science, but she is interested in learning the periodic table! Any ideas? Any downloadable things we could look at? Or any suggested resources? Thanks! Linda.
  3. HI - I'd like to hear from those who have used, or at least had a good look at, both the IEW programme and the Complete Writer, by SWB. How do they compare? Is there much difference in philosopies between the two programmes? Has anyone out there actually made up some sort of chart to compare the two? What things are the same? What are different? Any other comments or opinions on how the two programmes compare? Thanks!
  4. OK - so we've been homeschooling for around 17 years, and history STILL is a challenge for me! After a huge move interstate, our homeschool year has been totall disrupted, and I'm now planning for January. We are so far behind, but I think I have most things sorted - except history. Next year, I'll have my four youngest girls still at home - aged 15, 14, 12, and 10. We're probably a bit behind as far as reading and studying abilities go - so I want to use a programme that won't cause too much frustration, but will include some research and notetaking skills. We'll be doing Aust
  5. Hi Angie. Basically, if a person / text / opinion is anti-Catholic, it means they are against the Catholic Church and its teachings. This can come across in inaccuracies, bias, or simply the tone and attitude towards the church. Last Christmas, for example, a Baptist preacher give the children's talk at the local public Christimas Carols. He went on and on about how Mary and Joseph had s_x after they were married. There was absolutely no reason for this, except he was putting forward his 'anti-Catholic' view - using the opportunity to put forward his opinions; it was completely inap
  6. LOL! After all that time trying to decided between the two, I remembered that we had 'Literary Lessons from The Lord of the Rings' on the shelf - he took one look and said, 'yep - I like to do THAT!'. So, that's what we're now doing. Still, I no doubt shall use both WtW and TEE in the future with my girls. Thanks for all the responses, I appreciate it.
  7. Thanks for your replies! I think we'll go with Windows - we've done so much essay writing, but not so much literature analysis. And, with six children still at home, I need to take the easiest route - by the sounds of it, WtW is easier to use that TEE. Having said that, we'll most likely use TEE once my younger girls have completed SICC. Thanks!
  8. My son has about six months left of homeschooling. We've done a lot of IEW courses - SWI, SICC, Advanced Communication, History-Based Writing Lessons, and Speech Boot Camp. We've also completed Teaching the Classics and some of the extra DVDs, 'The Classics Club'. I'm trying to decide what to use as our final book - Windows to the World, or The Elegant Essay? Ultimately, I'd like to do both, but realistically, we won't have time, so, we need to choose. Ideas or suggestions?
  9. I love that response - must use it sometime! But seriously, this is really creepy. I would never even think of doing such a thing - very weird. And unethical. Maybe I should browse their site, and see if they'll place a call to Australia? Then again, they'd probably call at 2 or 3am (had that happen before, with other companies), so best not to, I guess....
  10. Next year, I've decided to use Lapbooking along with our study of the Middle Ages. Just wondering if anyone has used the Middle Ages Lapbook from any of these companies: Live & Learn Press Knowledge Box Central , or Hands of a Child Any opinions, comments, or suggestions? Thanks,
  11. Thanks, Sandra - good info! I've been in touch with a couple of companies that import them from Hong Kong. One camera was just over $300, and at a store nearby to me, it was something like $600! Definitely worth shopping around. Good luck with your studies next year!
  12. Well, I'll mention this quickly, and then take a flying leap to duck the rotten tomatoes...... Lord of the Rings. I really do like the story, and I know it's brilliant, but I just cannot get through it! I did actually get through the first book (of three), but I just can't bring myself to read all those pages that describle the forest, the scenery, etc. However, I have read similar books - including the Inheritence Cycle. I also read Wind in the Willows for the first time ever this year - I LOVED it! I guess different people just like different things - and that'
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