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Writing resources for a college student?

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One thing I would suggest is to make sure to read instructors requirements carefully. I know you're asking more about style, but writing a literary essay is going to be different stylistic from a history essay. I see students who also don't follow my requirements for formatting - we use footnotes not in-text citations and that seems to trip up students the most. I took a technical communications class which was really helpful to developing a more concise writing style. 

I don't have a particular resource to recommend, however, one thing I do in my own writing is play with rephrasing sentences - maybe changing around word order, using a synonym, using less prepositional phrases, changing the verb around, playing with the formality. I tend to write longer sentences, and I use the Hemingway Editor to help. I have heard good things about grammarly as well - from actual people not just the youtube ads. 

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