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How much money are you saving being at home?


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I'm saving money on gas (usually about $40/week between the three of us at home now) and toll costs (usually about $150/month). One of my kids is an essential worker (grocery store) and is working full time, but she doesn't spend much on gas. Her grocery store is giving them an extra $2/hour hazard pay and issued every employee gloves and masks.

Aside from that, not really spending less but not spending more either. I only ate out maybe 1-2x/month and then we all got pizza or Donkey Moe's 1x/month before COVID. I'm still ordering out maybe 1x/month to try to help local businesses stay afloat, but that's all I can do. It's expensive. 

My 27yo is spending less because she was going to Five Below for snacks while she was at work all the time, but she is furloughed now, so she doesn't have any money coming in either. At least she was able to get subsidized health insurance back in November. That has been a huge help. It is far better insurance than what my school district is providing and is at a much lower cost. Of course, she is only able to get the subsidized insurance because her income was so low. I worry that next year she won't qualify because her income won't be high enough (because Texas didn't do the Medicaid expansion, there is a huge gap between where Medicaid ends and where subsidies begin).

My 24yo is the one who is a grocery store worker. She never has been a spender. She knows that she has a really hard time getting rid of anything once she has it so she rarely buys anything. She is working full time and sometimes has to leave early on her 5th day for the week to avoid overtime.

My 21yo is still going to school online. They had their advising yesterday and their advisor warned them that fall semester will liklely be online also. They are part of my gas and toll reduction.

I'm a high school science teacher. I'm still working, but from home. Teaching has gone down from 70 hours/week to about 45 hours/week now. Today was supposed to be a school holiday, but I've spent about 5 hours working on school stuff today. The amount of documentation we have to produce to prove that we are workign with our kids is phenomenal, and I'm just teaching gen ed. My coteacher has FAR more paperwork to deal with for SpEd.

All three of the kids live at home with me and I'm very glad about that. I couldn't afford to keep the house without contributions from the two older kids and what my ex-h is paying for the next 4.5 years. That's all I have left though. Our divorce was finalized at the end of August.

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