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Well, here's the thing.  I am looking for an ACT math prep that will pull up my DD's  score about 2 to 4 points.   This is my 4th child and she is fairly confident with math.  She is presently doing D. O. PreCalc.  

Here are things that I have on my shelf to use:

Barron's ACT Math and Science Workbook

PWN the SAT Math Guide


The Real ACT prep guide(The Big Red Book)

I am asking because I am having some health issues(nothing serious) and I need something that she can do mostly on her own.  

If you weren't feeling quite yourself, what would you use?





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I checked out the McGraw Hill ACT books from the public library.  Of all of the possibilities, McGrawHill is the easiest I've found for a person who is in high 500s to move into low 600s.  If  looking to go higher than 700, do practice tests and master every topic that is missed.

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If you have a bit of money to throw at the problem, I'd recommend ALEKS online. $20/month, has ACT-specific math course, independent, does a full assessment of student that notes what is mastered, what needs practice, what needs to be learned. Of the topics that need practice or need to be learned, the student can choose from a list that ALEKS says they are ready for (so they can't pick a topic they don't have the background to learn). 

It's the fastest way to figure out what you need to work on, and the fastest way to get through topics that need refreshing or practice.  By the time you're in precalc, you've gotten very rusty on lots of basic math, algebra, and geometry.  For kids who work well independently, it's also the fastest way to learn new topics. It will not give you the conceptual depth of a good text, but it will teach you to solve the problems on the test. 

If she needs several months of practice and you can't afford, go ahead and do just the one month for $20. The assessment alone is worth that; ime, it takes a lot  more time to work through a text and figure out which topics need to be learned, refreshed, or practiced. And she can do a whole lot of refreshing and practicing in a month! 

The parent gets a weekly report stating how much time was spent and how many topics were covered. The student is periodically reassessed - I can't tell you how often, bc it's based on an algorithm that evaluates your work rather than a set time frame. 

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First,  we did like our brief experience with an ALEKS course but you have a great bookshelf so would start there.

I would start with one of the ACT math prep books. I am remembering these as  divided into sections with before and after quizzes and teaching content in the middle.  Have her go through one seriously...... skips to end chapter quiz if she gets everything right on pretest.  When she gets something wrong she needs to know why.  Eventually go to Barrons which traditionally over prepares.  Not sure how high those 2 to 4 points are aiming at......a 34 to 36 requires a broader knowledge for a couple of almost one off questions.  A 30 or 32 is more a consistent score on practices in that range I believe.

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