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If you told someone they could buy tickets from you, but then they want to wait a few days....


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I had tens of people respond to my post for those train tickets (I already purchased different ones). I have six tickets. The first person only wanted 4 tickets so I went to the second person who wanted all 6. Once I told the second person they could buy them from me, she said great. And then said she would meet me on Thursday at 3:30pm. I texted her back that I could not come then. Part of me thinks, well, if she stands me up on buying the tickets, then I can just move on to someone else as these tickets are in such high demand. But another feels like I had so many people respond and these tickets are in high demand, it would be reasonable to just move on to the person who can buy them right away. Turns out, this woman who wants to meet Thursday says she works 12 hr shifts and then is going out of town on Thursday but will stop on her way back in to town. I called the train depot and they said she can pay me via Zelle and then I can transfer the tickets to her digitally and they would even do the transfer (the train depot would do it).  I can see she read that text from me telling her this but she never answered. 


I really really want to just move on to someone who is available to buy the tickets now. The train depot would not have held on to the tickets for an extra few days waiting for someone to get around to paying, so why am I? Turns out, this woman lives a distance away and has to drive here to get the tickets and pay me. What should I do? I want to move on to the next person. Should I? or would that be morally wrong?

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she's read the text explaining how she can have the tickets, pay for them now, and not have to drive to your house. she  hasn't answered.

I would move on.   IF she contacts you, I'd point out you texted her, but she didn't respond - and you needed to sell them now, not three days from now.

if you want to give her the benefit of the doubt - resend the text with the addendum that if she wants the tickets, she has until tonight at 10pm to pay for them electronically (which she can do from the convenience of her own home.).

then move on to the next person at 10;01.

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