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Outsource Science for 6th grade? “Easy” intro option? MP?


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So I’m not really sciencey, other than A&P.  DD10 in 5th is doing Real Science 4 Kids Biology (elementary level).  I’ve stretched it out over the year (which I know is not how it’s really supposed to be used) since I really wasn’t too concerned about pounding science in 5th grade.  She has done RSO Science last year, and is familiar with ideas around science but I think it might be time to step it up for next year.  I’m also considering doing an online or DVD option with someone who actually is teaching her, as opposed to me just watching progress this year (my best laid plans of being more involved are only somewhat happening).

I’d love for the online/DVD option to be not too strenuous, but a solid intro both to being accountable to someone other than me and how to handle the intricacies of online learning, as I see more of this happening slowly in the future.  So far I’ve looked at WTMA, CLRC, WHA, Scholé and Memoria Press Online.  Of these, it looks like MP might be the less demanding of them all?  I’d love input from anyone who has done any of these, or other options I could be considering.  

I’d love to feel like I’m not failing her, and this might be the route to do that.  Thanks!!

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My dd started classes with Memoria Press Online this year. She is in Latin and Composition. She will add more next year.

I don't have experience with the science but we have been very happy with the classes so far. They are quality but not too demanding. I help her manage the computer parts (submitting assignments, some typing) but we are working to transition to her doing it more and more herself. The two teachers we have are both kind and organized. You may be correct in thinking it is less demanding than some other providers. My dd is in MP core for all her subjects and science is lighter than the other subjects. They really focus on the other subjects more in the elementary grades. I have looked at the Middle School Science classes as I plan for next year. I think I've decided against that, though, as science with MP is pretty easy to do at home.

I'm of the thought that science before high school can be light, fun, just exposure type things and I prefer to place our emphasis on the three R's. So, my advice to you is that :

1) MPOA is a quality provider and would be an appropriate first class to learn the ropes of online classes. While not cheap, they are more affordable than some other options and they offer a 10% early registration discount (or at least they have in the past). They are really great with customer service. You can totally call to chat about your questions and concerns, email them, or post on their forums. They have administrators and teachers as well as parents answering forum questions. I recently sent an email to the head of the school about an issue and my phone rang five minutes later and the man spent a long time on the phone with me. And it wasn't a huge issue.

2) You may not feel like you are getting a ton content wise beyond what you could do at home. So, I want to give you the reassurance that you aren't failing her. I don't think it is possible to fail a student that young in science, really. My tenth grader is headed toward something in STEM and is a very strong student. He did very little science in elementary and junior high and then doubled up in biology and physics in 9th and was fine. 

I really love MP. I'm all in. My dd has been in the core curriculum since K and will move to more and more of the online academy as she gets older. My 10th grader has 5 classes through MPOA.  So, I am probably biased. I love MP and MPOA but I suspect the science is very light and not so much more effective than if you did it at home or any other interest led science. As much as I am a fan of MPOA I probably will not spend the money on those MPOA classes until high school.

Hope that helps some!

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On 12/22/2018 at 1:48 PM, DiannaKennedy said:


We've done MPOA Middle School Science for two years now and loved it. MS Science I, MS Science II, with Mrs Peterson. They use the Tiner books as a spine, and have 6 experiments at home over the course of the year. 

We DID NOT do any formal science until 6th grade, when we started these classes. It was just something I never seemed to be able to have time for. Rachel did fab last year. This year is a bit more of a struggle (working on physics now - holy heck), but I think she will do fine with more prep work. 

She has a couple of preview classes that you can watch, I think. 

Please let me know if you have any more specific questions. We've been VERY pleased. 

Thank you so much!

Do you feel it was pretty independent?  Semi?  Not?  I’ll go check out the preview classes, hadn’t seen them somehow.  

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Conceptual Academy has some middle school classes online that might be of interest. They are asynchronous. I had great email responses from the chem text author that runs the site. It took a bit of research and reading to figure out the site, but it was a nice, low-key way to do some middle grade science.

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Memoria Press is intentionally light on science until middle school/high school. Their intent is to introduce nature and encourage a love for science, while memorizing facts and information. MPOA in general is excellent academically. The instructors are great. We have not had any trouble keeping up but the study is rigorous enough. 

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