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gym with childcare


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How old are your kids as I can’t see signatures on my phone? 

My local YMCA branches has childcare for members. My kids are old enough that they can go to the after school homework room at one branch instead of the daycare room, and get schoolwork done there. The YMCA has free WiFi. Another branch doesn’t have an after school homework room so it’s actually easier for my kids to do work at the tables in the lobby’s waiting area.

The sports center we go to has a teen center where members’ kids can go to. My kids prefers doing their work at the picnic tables than to go to the teen center.

My DS13 would do schoolwork, that’s his personality. My DS12 would rather read a magazine like Readers Digest but would do some schoolwork if an outsourced class deadline is the next day. 

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They are 6, 4 and 2 so next year will be 2nd grade, K and maybe some basic prek. I know even my 2nd grader won't have so much work that she needs to work but I think she might be bored there otherwise. Ooo I'll have to check if they have any after school programs!

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