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lets read and find out list


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Animals (Zoology)

Level 1 books
Baby Whales Drink Milk
Big Tracks, Little Tracks: Following Animal Prints
Ducks Don’t Get Wet
From Caterpillar to Butterfly
From Tadpole to Frog
How Animal Babies Stay Safe
What Lives in a Shell?
What’s It Like to Be a Fish?
Where Are the Night Animals?
Where Do Chicks Come From?

Level 2 books
An Octopus Is Amazing
Look Out for Turtles! 
Milk: From Cow To Carton
Penguin Chick
Sharks Have Six Senses
Spinning Spiders
What Color Is Camouflage?
Who Eats What?: Food Chains and Food Webs
Who Lives In an Alligator Hole?
Wiggling Worms at Work

Human Body (Anatomy)

Level 1 books
How Many Teeth
I’m Growing
My Feet
My Five Senses
My Hands
Sleep Is For Everyone
Whats For Lunch?

Level 2 books
A Drop of Blood
Germs Make Me Sick!
Hear Your Heart
The Skeleton Inside You
Your Skin And Mine
Why I Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup, & Yawn

Plants (Botany)

Level 1 books
A Tree Is a Plant
From Seed to Pumpkin
How a Seed Grows

Level 2 books
Be a Friend to Trees
How Do Apples Grow?
In the Rainforest
Why Do Leaves Change Color?


Water Cycle / Weather (Meteorology)

Level 1 books
Snow Is Falling

Level 2 books
Down Comes the Rain
Feel the Wind
Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll
Flood Warning
Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean
Sunshine Makes the Seasons
What Will the Weather Be?

Biomes: Ocean

Level 1 books
Baby Whales Drink Milk
What Lives in a Shell?
What’s It Like to Be a Fish?

Level 2 books
An Octopus Is Amazing
How Deep Is the Ocean?
Life in a Coral Reef
Sharks Have Six Senses


Level 2 books
How Mountains Are Made
Let’s Go Rock Collecting


Level 1 books
Is There Life In Outer Space
The Big Dipper
The Sun and the Moon

Level 2 books
Floating in Space
How People Learned to Fly
International Space Station
Mission to Mars
The Planets in our Solar System
The Sky is Full of Stars
The Sun And The Nearest Star
What Is The Moon Like?
You’re Aboard Spaceship Earth


Level 1 books
Air Is All Around You

Level 2 books
What Is the World Made Of?: All About Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Why Do Leaves Change Their Colors?


Level 1 books
Sounds All Around
What Makes A Shadow?

Level 2 books
Day Light, Night Light: Where Light Comes From
Energy Makes Things Happen
Forces Make Things Move
Gravity is a Mystery
How People Learned To Fly
Light Is All Around Us
Phones Keep Us Connected
Simple Machines
Switch On, Switch Off
What Makes a Magnet?
What Makes Day and Night


Level 2 books
Archaeologists Dig for Clues
Oil Spill
What Happens to Our Trash?
What’s So Bad About Gasoline?
Why Are the Ice Caps Melting?: The Dangers of Global Warming

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