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8th Grade Ancients Spine

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I think it would be too light for high school for an avg to strong student. Really aimed at middle school. 

If you do Ancients in 8th, what are you planning for high school? Have you asked about spine books on the high school board? 

My oldest is in 8th and is using K12, but we are finishing with late modern this yr and haven't figured out high school history yet. Maybe some moms with older kids will chime in here. 

K12 has an American History set for high school. 

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9 hours ago, NormaElle said:

Will that work for 9th and 10th? Or should we switch to something else?

K12 has a different book for high school called Our Human Story I think. It's pretty good too. And American Odyssey for USH. We use them both along with Great Courses lectures. 

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You might look at Oxford's World in Ancient Time series.  Also, there are a couple books by Dorothy Mills that would fit with Ancients (I think Kfamily has written a guide for one or more of them?).  Lastly, if you want something to carry into highschool maybe look at one of the Spielvogel texts (combined or brief history).  

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