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Had to laugh--update on dorm room size

Chris in VA

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So I started a thread a few weeks ago lamenting my dd's dorm room size (something like 11'7" by 12' something). 

I dropped her off yesterday at James Madison and she was one of two sets of girls who got the suite-style rooms on her floor. The room is really big! lol

I don't know if I can attach a video here, but I took a quick one before her room was completely set up. There was PLENTY of space for two lofted beds, 2 dressers, 2 desks and chairs, and two wardrobes (which were floor-to-ceiling and about, oh, 4 feet across, maybe?--really big!). 

Most of the time, I worry for no reason. 

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We walked into dd's dorm room and wondered how on earth 2 people could live in such a tiny space. It is a double room but she has it as a single. At first we thought great, extra room in a double but then found out all the furniture stays. But it wasn't too bad once we moved the furniture around a bit. I'm from England and used to smaller houses and rooms, but this room seemed tiny for 2 people!

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