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basic architectural drawing course?

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Sorry, I don't really have any suggestions for courses, but perhaps this book would be a good start: 


101 Things I Learned in Architecture School



My DD (2nd year architecture student) came across it on a college visit. It has some drawing tips/exercises, but it also has lots of other interesting info. And when you look at that book there will be suggestions for other activity books that might be helpful.


But now I'll just add my 2 cents. ;) You really don't need to have experience with architectural drawing to become an architecture student. Focus on general drawing skills and building a portfolio in case you end up applying to a school that requires one as part of the application. Generally, they are looking more for creativity rather than architecture projects, so it can be drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, etc. Also, work on presentation skills in high school -- a big part of being an architecture student and architect is being able to present your ideas well, and the student who comes in with solid skills in this area will be way ahead of their peers. Do lots research about architecture school (it's a tough major no matter where you go) and the profession in general -- this blog has lots of great info:




Finally, look into attending a summer architecture program/camp at a college -- they can be expensive, but I've heard they are really helpful in deciding whether architecture is a good fit (my DD decided on architecture too late to attend such a program). 


Hope that helps! 

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So, I'll just post links to some past threads. The first one, "Architecture for an 8th grader" is old and so the links in it to past threads don't work.

Budding architect - gift ideas? This one, like the first one, is for a slightly younger kid than yours. However, it might be worth a look-over before Christmas.

Architectural drafting course has some links that might be useful.

Becoming an Architectural Engineer has some interesting links as well as food for thought on the engineer vs. architect front. This thread is a cross-post of the previous one and has a different slant if the previous thread was interesting. And the very last post in that thread has a few book ideas.


Good luck!


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Thank you, RootAnn.  Where did you find the old threads?  I didn't turn up anything on a forum search...although I suppose that is the currently active forum.  Anyway, I did find some books that she will like!  Thanks!

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