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  1. Thank you, @JanetC! All of this was so helpful. Did your daughter do study abroad? Since you mentioned many courses being offered only every other year, I'm wondering if that causes problems with those doing a study abroad program. I might have more questions for you this week as she finalizes her decision--is it okay to PM you?
  2. Yes, she's talked to both departments about that and was pleased with what they had to say. She has several areas of interest so far, so it's a little early to know what path in graduate school she'd want to take, but it does sound like she'd have plenty of support at Lawrence with whatever she decided.
  3. This has been one of our primary concerns and why it's been such a hard decision. She's had very positive interactions with the Lawrence faculty so far and she likes the course offerings and the opportunities for individualized study, but it's hard to know if a couple years down the road she would have wished there were a greater variety of courses and professors.
  4. Yes! This is a point we've talked about a lot. And she plans to go to graduate school, so she could get her big school experience then.
  5. DD is down to her final two and Lawrence has been kind of a surprise for us. We were only able to visit schools in Minnesota before Covid hit, so Lawrence was just added to her list as another school similar to St. Olaf. St. Olaf wasn't super generous with merit aid, so they are out of the running. Lawrence gave her great merit aid and she was awarded a couple more small scholarships. She's been able to meet with faculty (majoring in history and English, but possibly doing museum studies instead of one of those two) and has just loved everything she hears. But it does make us nervous that she's never visited (we cannot fit in a visit this month) and that it is so small (~1,500, about half the size of St. Olaf). The other top contender is U. of Minnesota, which she has visited and she loved it. In fact, that was her favorite when we visited schools in the state, even more than St. Olaf, although she has trouble articulating what it was she loved so much about it. It was more of a *feeling*. She'd be in the Honors program and the price is the same as Lawrence (we're OOS). Lawrence has definitely felt more personal in the whole application/admission process, and I think she is definitely swayed by that. U of MN would be easier for travel and we do have friends in the area if she needed help with anything. So, I'm not really sure what my question is, but does anyone have personal experience with Lawrence that might add to what we know or give us a little more confidence? Or maybe just weigh in on small schools vs. big schools in general?
  6. I'm a little late coming to the conversation, but my oldest is a BArch student, so feel free to PM me anytime if you have questions. The architecture forum on College Confidential doesn't get a lot of activity, but there are a couple very helpful and knowledgeable parents there that can give some guidance too.
  7. Perky: Yes and no about the transcript from the online academy--they can do a signed grade report or an official transcript but it takes 3 weeks for the transcript which won't work since most of her applications are due November 1 (I know, we should have figured this out earlier!). Plus it's $50 for an actual transcript, so I hate to spend the money when I'm just not sure it is necessary. Her current school wants her 8th grade classes included and not all of those are through TPS, so I'm also trying to avoid sending three different transcripts to colleges (especially since the 8th grade one would look light on it's own). MamaSprout: I sent you PM. Thank you both for your help! 😊
  8. My daughter will be graduating from a private school, but she was homeschooled in 8th grade and we have outsourced a few of her classes in 9th-12th grades. I need to prepare a homeschool transcript for the school counselor to submit in addition to her official school transcript that lists the classes that have been homeschooled. All her foreign language courses and one science course have been taken online at TPS. I've done a homeschool transcript for my son who was homeschooled through high school, but I'm struggling trying to figure out the best way to format this one. There won't be any supporting materials in addition to the transcript I prepare, so I feel like the transcript needs to show which schools were taken online and which ones were at home (3 of her 8th grade classes that count for high school credit were at-home classes). Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or examples they've seen?
  9. Everything went fine for my daughter being able to test, but her location had dozens of students turned away because they had been reassigned to a different location at the last minute and they received no notification. One mom told me that they had printed the ticket Thursday night, so the reassignment happened some time after that. To make matters worse, staff were angrily yelling at all the kids to sign into their accounts on their phones and check their location so they didn't hold up the lines (great way to keep the kids calm right before the test!). Most of the kids didn't know their password to be able to sign in. If they weren't on the registration list, they were just turned away and if they weren't able to sign into their account they had no idea where to go. Not that it would have mattered, one kid we talked to had been reassigned to a location an hour away and another I heard about later was four hours away. I wonder if these kids are included in the 1,400 examinees who weren't able to test or if they are just counted as no-shows. Thankfully, we're done with this craziness (she got a decent enough score last time that if even if she didn't improve we're calling it good), but for those who still need to test, check those registrations the night before and early that morning and make sure you know your login info. Sheesh!
  10. My daughter is definitely more of a humanities kid and her schedule will be packed next year, so we're going to have to pick one or the other. I'm sure it would be helpful to have both, though.
  11. She's fair with self-paced, if I force it. That's what we do with ACT prep. But I think we'd both prefer something live for something like AP Stats. We have a credit with TPS right now because of a dropped class, so that's why I was thinking of going that direction, but I'm open to other programs as well.
  12. I can't even imagine trying to do both pre-calc and AP Stats in the same year with an intense ballet schedule (mine is in ballet too, but doesn't plan to continue after high school). I guess it just depends on what other classes she's taking. Best wishes to you as well--tough decisions!
  13. Thank you! That is very encouraging! That brings up another small concern I had--what if she changes majors and needs calculus, but I guess she could always just take it at college. Not ideal to go into it cold, but I know kids who have done that.
  14. We're trying to figure out what DD should do for math next year. She's currently taking trig/pre-calc at a private school, but we'd like for this to be her last year of taking math there and they only offer calculus after trig/pre-calc. She wants to major in history and English, so it seems like statistics would be a more applicable course to take senior year, but I don't know what colleges think about the rigor of statistics vs. calculus. I was looking at possibly having her take AP Stats through Potter's School (would love to hear anyone's experience with them for stats, or other providers). She's decent at math and would probably do fine with calculus (if she took it at her current school, I would guess she'd squeak by with a low A, but maybe not and then she'd lose her 4.0), but she wouldn't be happy about taking it. So, we're 90% convinced that stats is the way to go, but I wanted to double-check on how that looks for college applications. She will be dependent on merit aid, and I just don't know what colleges expect/prefer or what competitive students do these days, if that makes any sense.
  15. I didn't think about placement purposes--thanks for pointing that out! This is for French III, so maybe it will come in handy after all. We went ahead and signed up for credit, which in my world probably means she'll end up at a school that doesn't accept it. 😂
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