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So you remember that sprained ankle?


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A few weeks ago I took a tumble and sprained my ankle after kayaking. Several of you urged me to go get x-rays...but I'm tough and rather stubborn. I kept thinking it's "just" a sprain. 

​Fast forward three frustrating weeks later..the sprain has mostly healed but I can't put weight on the foot. That's not good. And I can't DO anything--that got old fast. 

​Today I got x-rays and a cheerful chewing out by the nurse for not doing so earlier because, you guessed it, I broke the tibia. The doc just chuckled. He said he could tell when I came in that it was broken because of the time since the injury and the way I was maneuvering.


I have a strong, stylish, and supportive boot to wear now. After being so clumsy on crutches, the boot is a miracle. 


So...should you fall and twist your ankle, for crying out loud, go get X-RAYS!

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I didn't take my son for a hand X-ray despite 48 hours of complaints of pain after punching a wall.





In my defense; he still went to the park, rode his bike and skateboard, and only seemed to complain when he had to write (a daily complaint!) or do chores (also a daily complaint!). He's now sporting a black cast from wrist to pinky and ring fingers. Doc told him he's still expected to write! 😂

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