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What do you charge for a 1 hour STEM class?


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I'm just starting out offering science classes for homeschoolers (and Edison robots is one of my classes).  


I'm charging:

$80 for an 8 week class session where each class meets one hour a week - so $10/hour.

$30 for a 2 hour drop-off workshop.


I am offering 5% discount for 2nd class/child and 10% for 3rd+ class/child.


I'm in a fairly HCOL area, but this is less than what most classes cost around here.  I picked my pricing based on my expenses, what I see as the expectations around here (discounts), and because I'm just starting out.


ETA:  My maximum class size is 10/12 kids depending on the class and the age of the kids.  The space I'm using is limited to 12 and if they are younger kids or a class where there's a lot of moving around (like Edison), I'm keeping it smaller.

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I taught local science for about five years on my own, and then writing classes under a group.


Make sure that you have clear policies. I took a non-refundable deposit to cover my material purchases, and then required two months upfront and then the next month's payment was due mid-month for the following month. So they paid for September and October, and then November was due mid-month in October. A friend of mine broke it down by semesters. If they didn't pay by the beginning of the next month, they were not welcome to attend class anymore unless they brought a check. I made phone calls to enforce this. I had them pay the same each month, even in December. I never gave a sibling discount. My classes were already relatively inexpensive.


Also set a class enrollment minimum. You don't want to go to all this trouble and have two students. At least I wouldn't. And of course figure out the maximum.


If you aren't strict, sad to say, people will really take advantage of you. I would tell them that if they want a professional-level class, they need to treat me as a professional as they would a piano teacher or dance instructor.I don't know of too many piano teachers or dance studios that will let you keep coming if you don't pay.

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