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Scheduling CW Homer + CW Poetry

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That schedule is just a suggestion. There's no reason you can't do a couple/few more weeks of Homer to solidify your happy rut before starting Poetry.

I used CW Homer eons ago with my oldest two kids. We didn't use CW poetry, but I did tuck occasional breaks from Homer around here and there.

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They don't want you to burn out. If you are doing ok, just keep going. You don't have to do poetry or you can start it when you need a break from Homer.


BTW, good job. We didn't ever hit our stride in Homer and I gave up. Very proud of you!!!


Awe, thanks! I have the teachers guide and the student books so that helps. If I had just the main book I'd be up a creek!


Oddly enough, my son told me last night that he'd love to switch to poetry in two weeks. So I guess we shall see when the books arrive.

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One more thought, now that we've started poetry. I felt the material in Homer was way more important than covering the poetry. Plus sometimes, I wanted him to write a paper for history, so I wouldn't make him work on Homer that day. Homer took longer than 4 days per week for us. It usually took my son more like 6 days to finish the lesson in Homer. So I don't think we'll have time to finish all of the Homer and Poetry in 5th-6th grades. If you are similar, you may want to keep chugging on Homer to make sure you get that done, and then just do whatever of the poetry you have time for. I am not going to buy Poetry B. I just purchased Poetry for older beginners, as it's a more condensed version, and that allows me to still cover the poetry, but also fit in the writing instruction I want to have time for that's more important.

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