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VideoText Algebra

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We don't schedule it per se. We just work about an hour a day and pick up where we left off the day before.


This is how we do it:

Watch lesson, work through 1st problem together and check answer

Assign odds and student self checks when done

If the score wasn't too good assign evens and self check, sometimes rewatch the video

Give Quiz A, if score isn't good do Quiz B

Do Unit Test A as review, then Unit Test B as the test


My 1st DS is extremely mathy and finished the entire program in 1 year and never needed to do the evens or Quiz B and often completed 2 lessons per day.


2nd DS is not mathy at all and is almost done after about 2.25 years and frequently needs to do the evens and Quiz B and sometimes takes 2 days to finish 1 lesson.


But both have a good conceptual understanding and it doesn't matter to me how long that takes :)


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I'm starting next week so I don't have any experience but I've been looking at their resource section. They have schedules for 1yr, 2yr, and 3yr schedules. 


They suggest going through the lessons in this way for a 1 yr schedule and of course breaking it down more for 2-3yr schedule. Anyway, I'm planning on following the 1 yr plan until we get to some harder material since he's already done pre-A.


quiz over the previous lesson 

watch video

kid teach mom material with course book

do evens or odds

check answers have kid do error analysis with solutions book

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