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um.... when does wilson hill start

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nowhere on their website do i see a start date. i remember it being sept 5 but during this crazy summer my brain seems to have flown out the window and hasn't come back.


My 10th grader Luca is taking 3 courses with them: Calc AB, Spanish 2 and Great Conversations 1+4...anyone else?

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I went to their website for the schedule - but the link is broken. I printed it out for my DD, so I just grabbed that.


Meet the Teacher is August 29th (Tues/Thurs classes) and Aug 30th (Mon/Wed classes).


First day of classes for Tues/Thurs is Sept 5. First day of classes for Mon/Wed is Sept 6th. They haven't even "published" the classes on Canvas yet, so I'm not too worked up yet.


I know there are a handful of Pre-Calc kids (Morning Glory, mirabillis). I think rdj2027 and yvonne might have one or two kids taking Calc through Wilson Hill. ETA: Forgot about dereksurfs's ds!


DD#1 is going to be taking Spanish 4 (Convo) this year. She's a bit nervous about the native speaking teacher, but crazyforlatin's dd is also in the class, so I'm less nervous.  :coolgleamA:

DD#1 has four other online classes (through three different providers) which start this week, though. She's been busy getting the pre-work done for those.


Omma's ds will be taking GC1+4. At least, that was the plan.

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Yep, two taking Calc AB, one taking Geometry and GC 4 w Joanna Hensley! (I can't wait for that one. :). )


On a tangent.... just visited Reed College. Had to smile when I saw a shelf of the books used in their Hunanities 101, req'd freshman course... So many are books dd will be reading for AP Latin or for GC 4 this year. Kind of put GC 4 in a new light for my dd to see that these books are considered important enough to be reqd reading for all Reed's freshman. I so wish I'd done college visits earlier with my oldest.

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. . . And, they have started publishing the classes onto Canvas. So far, all the classes note that the content won't be available (or you can't participate - something like that) until August 31st. But, DD got at least one email from a teacher so far, so things are starting to fall into place.

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