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Travel suggestions---Taiwan to ???


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Youngest D will be spending the next academic year in Taiwan, outside of Taipei, courtesy of Rotary Youth Exchange (yay!). We will be able to visit her after 6 months have passed. We're thinking of March or early-to-mid April.


Right now we are gathering ideas of where else to visit after we fly all that way. We have visited China before (Beijing, Xi'an, Suzhou, Shanghai). We do want to visit dear friends in Xiamen, just across from Taiwan.


We would have at most 2 weeks after our time in Taiwan. That's not enough time for Australia :(


Ideas so far:

Hong Kong (kind of obvious, but only a few days?)


more China (??)

New Zealand

South Pacific islands (a dream to stay in one of those over-the-water bungalows--I blame an excess of travel shows!)

or just stopping in Hawaii on the way home


I would appreciate (a) additional country ideas and (b) specific don't miss places to visit/things to do/things to skip/etc for any of the countries.


We are active 50ish, no health problems, enjoy hiking, national parks and similar, geology, culture, and history. I have a low tolerance for tourist traps.


I want to come up with two or three solid options and then try to figure out airfare. My goal is to minimize time in transit with as many nonstops as possible.


I appreciate any suggestions and comments :)

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No interest in Thailand or Malaysia or Indonesia? I mean, you could do a week at the beach in Thailand and a few days in Bangkok. Or you could do Malaysia and Penang. Or you could go to Bali. Or you could go to Cambodia. Or Vietnam. Or go to Chiang Mai and Suhkothai in Thailand instead of to the beach... So many possibilities.


I adore Hong Kong... though I have been reading it's really different from when I lived in China, so I don't know what the vibe is. But if you go to Hong Kong, be sure to go to Macau too. And eat. Just eat all the food.


Also, you've done more of northern China. If you did Hong Kong, you could do Guangzhou and then maybe continue on somewhere. Maybe Dali. Is Dali still a thing in visiting China? It must be.

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Japan is awesome, very different from Taiwan and quite close.  Our last time we rented a car and it was, rather to my surprise, easy-peasy.  Other times we've used the train system which is excellent.


I think you can route pretty affordably through Singapore (good for 2-4 days) and from there on to Cambodia, Laos or Thailand -- any one of which would well fill out your two weeks.


Nepal ranks high on my bucket list.

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I haven't spent much time in Asia myself, but I've heard so many terrific reports from friends who have visited Japan recently, that Japan is now on my list of places I'd like to visit.  So, I'd recommend Japan!


Sounds like a great trip!




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