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Switching from Righstart to ?

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My son is halfway through Level C. Due to expecting a new baby and having multiple younger children we would like to switch to something more independent at least for the first half of the school year- and possibly long term. Any ideas what has worked for others?

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If you chose RS because of it's conceptual approach, Math Mammoth might work for you. It is inexpensive and very much so if you get it on a HSBC group buy. Download and print at home. Buy once and use it multiple times. It is much more independent that RS, but for us, not completely so. I still go over the teaching with them, asses how well they understand, adjust problem sets accordingly, sometimes add extra practice or another line of explanation with manipulatives. Sometimes we use the lesson videos on the MM site or elsewhere on the web. My kids are not naturally mathy and have scored very well on problem solving and conceptual understanding using MM. 


My Ds switched to MM3 after RS B because he needed the mastery approach and more on-paper work. He has to work hard at math, but seems to be learning well.


My dd went all the way through RS E, then did MM 5 and 6. Some adjustment to a different presentation style and the mastery approach, but generally a smooth transition. Fairly independent. She is well prepared for pre-algebra and we are switching to Dolciani with an online provider for reasons that have nothing to do with the text. I would be completely confident in MM7 as prealgebra for her.


I am sure there are other good choices too, but I haven't used other math curricula. 

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I switched to Math in Focus (Singapore made for schools) after C. I did purchase Math Mammoth, but the volume of problems and look of the page made it a no go here. If it works, that is an inexpensive, conceptual option. 


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