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  1. Wow! So many for Mystery Science. I just had a look at it online and whilst it looks easy and I know my kids will enjoy the videos, how full of a curriculum is it? Maybe I’m expecting too much too early and with a new baby my idealised plan in my head probably won’t work. I think we’ll just pick what they want to learn about and read about it. Print off some pictures to colour and take a few field trips. That seems manageable and a lot less daunting. Thanks ladies. Xxxxx
  2. Hi, as the title says I’m looking for an easy, get it done science programme for my soon to be 3rd grader, 1st grader PK and a newborn tag along! We’re coming to the end of elemental biology for the grammar stage which has been okayish. I usually print everything off. The kids have found it okay and enjoyed all the experiments/demonstrations. I think 20 weeks in zoology was too much and I was losing steam towards the end of that unit. I really want something quite open and go, nothing too overly lab heavy as I don’t anticipate having the time quite frankly! And one of my kids doesn
  3. Hi, How much does a second hand Right Start Maths full starter kit with the book A bundle (2nd Ed.), go for? I bought this a few years back and it’s hardly been used. It wasn’t a good fit for my easily distactable son.   I have no idea how to price it.
  4. Hi, How much does a second hand Right Start Maths full starter kit with the book A bundle (2nd Ed.), go for? I bought this a few years back and it’s hardly been used. It wasn’t a good fit for my easily distactable son. I have no idea how to price it. TIA XXX
  5. Thank you! This is what I needed, some perspective. I’ve been feeling guilty, like I’m failing them and must not be cut out for this homeschooling gig ☹️. Thanks for your input everyone. Xxxx
  6. The title says it all really. We’re on volume 2 of SOTW and about 16 chapters in. My kids can tell me random tidbits of information here and there but recently they’re not even able to answer ANY of the review questions for the chapters. They’re not messing about or talking as they sit quietly colouring. Today one of them thought the Celtic language was introduced by the Normans and they struggled to tell me where the normans were from! I feel completely at a loss with volume 2. It’s just not working out as well as it did for volume 1. What should I do?! Any recommendation?
  7. After much thinking and rethinking and going around in circles and praying, I decided yesterday that I wasnt going to overthink it and I’m just going with a simple workbook style approach. I found one that is used by teachers and homeschoolers alike. I think going back to basics and using a simple approach that is very similar to how I learned, will hopefully help him. It includes some lists, rules and very basic dictation and some look, cover write exercises - which is how I remember learning. I do do really like sequential spelling but I think you’re correct Mrs Robinson et al. It
  8. Hi, I’ve looked at apples and pears and whilst it does look good, the tracing is in manuscript. My kids do cursive (Abeka), is there another way to use the programme without using manuscript?
  9. Im second guessing myself as to what we need! Do I really need a programme like AAS or do I just need to give him more practice/review using the words he’s learnt? Is there plenty of review of the words learned in AAS? Would a workbook type approach work? eg. ‘Fill in the blanks’ and ‘Find the correct spelling’ etc... (I’ve previously stayed away from misspelled words as I think it’s confusing). I dont want want to spend a lot of time and money if it’s not going to work. I was taught with simple random word lists that we had to memorise and tested on each week and I’m a pretty natu
  10. Thanks that’s good to know. I think that’s the problem, he’s not getting enough ways to use the words in order to cement them in his memory. I read recently that its possible to go through the first level of AAS pretty quickly with an older child, would you agree? Mill have a look at words their way also, I’ve not heard of this. Xx
  11. Hi, thanks for all the replies. I’m currently re-looking at SWR and AAS. SWR looks like a lot of work but I do like the idea of dictation. He needs something that has constant review built in. Also, I may sound a bit dim but how does a child know that a word is spelled with one particular vowel team and not another, eg soak and not soke? Is it just down to visual memory?
  12. Hi, my new 2nd grader has been doing Sequential Spelling, he's on day 80 and whilst it had been going well, we seem to have regressed. He doesn't seem to have retained many of the word patterns from the earlier lessons. When he's asked to write a word such as 'soak', he's spelling it as 'soke', but when I prompt him to really think about it he goes through all the possible combinations and eventually gets it right. I feel like he needs a lot more practice than what Sequential Spelling offers and we're moving too fast. What can I do to provide more practice? This programme already involves a
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