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Best Educational Apps for Kindle Fire


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We're heading on a big trip from MA to AZ and back in July.  I got Kindle Fires for the three kids who are going (the oldest has elected to go to his grandparents - boo!) so they can take pictures, record what's happening, and entertain themselves a bit. They read a lot, but they all have regular Kindles for that purpose.  


What educational apps would you highly recommend for them (13yoB, 10yoG, 7yoB)?  Several of them have conquered Stack the States and one has gotten pretty far on Stack the Countries on my Kindle. Also maybe really cool games so I can spice things up a bit if I am feeling generous. :)


Free is nice, but I will pay for really good ones.


Thanks in advance!

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Dragonbox and Dragonbox 2 are worth the cost. Dragonbox Elements is almost as good.


The only other thing I have been willing to pay for was a stop motion video app for my dd - Stop Motion Video Pro. We couldn't get the free one she used to use on to the Kindle. Obviously this one doesn't make as much sense for a car trip!


My kids download a lot of free games. I let them choose (for the most part).


In anticipation of our last big trip I have them portable chargers for their birthdays. Helpful in the car.

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