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The Swim Team Chaos Teachers Lounge 6-15-2017


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Good morning and welcome to the Lounge!


Today's theme comes from the fact today is picture day at swim team and while it may not necessarily

be chaotic, in can sure feel like it! Leaving in a few minutes to guide everyone in their early morning stupor.


What do you have going on today? Here: see above. Plus driving ds to help with VBS tonight. While he's there, I go

find somewhere to study while I wait to pick him up.


Plans for this weekend? Here: working, even though there's a training (in a different industry than where I work)

I'd really like to take advantage of during the time I'll be working.


What's for breakfast this morning? Here: before pics, coffee and a banana. After pics, who knows?


Talk to me! :bigear: 

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Today: Swim team for Fritz.  Picking him up in 10 minutes.  Ani, Cameron, and Adrian have taekwondo.  Ani and Cameron are working.  I'm not sure how we're working the vehicle thing because Ani's old car is dead and her new car is being fixed at the dealership.


Weekend: Cameron's testing for his second degree black belt on Saturday.


Breakfast: Nothing yet.

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Breakfast was coffee and nothing else. I think youngest and I are coming down with something. Headaches, nausea, and a bit achy. UGH.


Dh's birthday is today, and I've canceled his birthday supper. Tentatively rescheduled for Sunday afternoon which is also Father's Day. BUT, dd will be here with our grandson so that will make it extra special.


We were supposed to also have our STEM 4H club over Saturday to make Solar Ovens and cook eggs. A storm front is moving through - originally wasn't supposed to be here until Sunday morning, and thunderstorms, wind, NOT the kind of weather needed to test solar ovens is going to hit Saturday instead. We don't have an inside project to pull off at the last second because supplies are on order for the next two projects, and won't be here until Tuesday. So we canceled. Given how I feel today plus the late that afternoon 3 hr. jaunt to the Detroit airport that we have, I am not feeling sad about the cancellation. Shh....don't tell my 4H'ers I said that!

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Today?  Must do:  plan something for dinner (since we forgot to take what we planned out of the freezer), do laundry, pick up the house (didn't get done yesterday)  and pack for our trip to Minneapolis for dd's competition. 

Want to do:  shop for sandals (The Walking Store is a real pain to get to during rush hour so I kept missing my window) and try to get a pedicure.  I don't know what is going to get done since I have been feeling lousy since I came  home from walking the dog.  Headaches and just feeling like a wet noodle.


Weekend?  Dd's climbing competition.  She competes.  I'll be judging.  Dh will be our concierge (getting us where we need to be on time and getting us food :).)   This determines whether or not she makes it to Nationals.  She has a good shot, and is healthy for once. But she is sore ... this was a bad week to start running camp.  As I typed this, I kept hearing in my head "This is a bad week to stop sniffing glue!"  10 points to the first person to get the reference. 


Breakfast?  My usual.  2 eggs, toast with coconut oil and pepper jelly.  Water.  Hot tea (I was cold) ... today was Lemon Chiffon Green Tea.  Quite fun. 

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Breakfast for me was cottage cheese with peaches and blueberries. And coffee.


Today. Checked on mom at the hospital briefly. She is ok, but it will be a long recovery. She is already complaining about the food and that's a good sign. Apparently their jello and chx broth and apple juice are not up to par!  ;)


Swim practice cancelled due to rain and big T-storms. We'll try for the 5:00 practice if it is not cancelled.

Ran some errands. Now catching my breath and figuring out what I need to do next.


This weekend:

Dd comes home from a mission trip tomorrow.  :hurray:

Get birthday gifts for Ds and Father's Day gift for Dh. 

Farmers' market.


Do some tidying at mom's house and get her mail.


Dinner at my in-laws'. Ugh.  :thumbdown:


Visit mom at the hospital and check in with the social worker about plans for move to rehab next week. 

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Sounds like we're all a bit busy today. I purposely made myself NOT go to Goodwill today, even though it's Dollar Day.

I was going to come home and get things done but wound up doing more errands. Now I'm finally home and trying to cool off

as it is already 100*F here today, only to get warmer!


Later, if I don't fall asleep, I'll either do some reading of my own or do some crafting while watching Netflix. It's that kind of day!

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