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Once a month cleaning service?

Liz CA

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Would someone do this? Is it worth their time?

I am coming to the conclusion that it would make me feel a whole lot better if I could have someone deep clean this little house once a month. My ever present back issues make thorough cleaning harder and harder. My main concern is floors - all hardwood and linoleum.

If they balk at once a month, maybe I could be persuaded to have them clean twice a month if I can afford it.

Californians, what can I expect in terms of cost? House is just 1500 square feet.

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I have s gal coming by-weekly now. It has made all the difference in the world. I'm tacking projects that only I can do now and our house is becoming a home.


She did an 8 hour deep clean the first time. $$$$. I about freaked out. Now it is 3 hours. $140.


I've thought of going to once s month but frankly the dtereioration would increase her time enough that it's not that big a difference to go biweekly. And the house is clean more often.

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We're in NH but have a service that comes once a month. It makes all the difference! In between deep cleanings, we run a Roomba every day or so which keeps the floors looking clean. Cleaning service washes all the floors and thoroughly cleans bathrooms/ kitchen and dusts.


Give the cleaning company a call and see what they will do. Definitely worth it!

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